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  1. AC Low Side Port Cap

    1st Gen Hangout
    Dropped my AC low side port cap, and it rolled into the grass. Can't find it anywhere. So I bought a new set of caps and valve stems from Advance. The cap in that set didn't fit. I looked closely, and the 'o-ring' was actually just a c-ring where it had not been manufactured properly...
  2. Odd brief hesitation when AC and Fan cycle on; new development

    1st Gen Hangout
    1999 Fronty 3.3V6: recently I have noticed a slight hesitation or hiccup, along with a little audible click, when driving down the highway. This only seems to happen when the AC is on and the fan is on. If AC is off but fan on: no hiccup. If fan is off but AC on: no hiccup. If both are off: no...
  3. A/C Issues

    General Discussion
    Hello! I'm having an issue with the AC system on my 08 Frontier. I have replaced the blower motor and resistor and am experiencing an issue where the compressor and blower don't want to work at the same time. When turning the fan speed dial, the A/C light turns on at level 1, the compressor...