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a/c not working
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    Hello Guys, So recently the A/C on my 06 Frontier (VQ40) stopped working. I didn't use the truck for about 10 days while I was on vacation (was working just fine before that), and now the A/C is not blowing cold air, blows cool air but not cold. I thought that I had a leak in the system and...
  2. General Discussion
    The A/C in my Frontier hasn't been working right, and I've been trying to do some trouble shooting but can't find the low pressure switch/sensor (freon was at normal levels when checked, but has since been professionally drained in order to safely access different parts of the system). I don't...
  3. General Discussion
    Hello! I'm having an issue with the AC system on my 08 Frontier. I have replaced the blower motor and resistor and am experiencing an issue where the compressor and blower don't want to work at the same time. When turning the fan speed dial, the A/C light turns on at level 1, the compressor...
1-3 of 3 Results