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  1. Titan Diffs

    So my front diff has some play, I stated looking for a parts truck or diff and found a Titan with a seized motor. Perfect donor truck for a Titan swap I know the A arms will fit but Im wondering about the diff and axles. Im also considering swapping hubs and rear axle aside from the spring...
  2. I think I’ve been driving with 4x4 engaged!

    1st Gen Hangout
    So the short of it is, new to me truck, first 4x4, thought the 4x4 shifter should be in neutral. Had it there for a few months. Decided to read about using the 4wd. Saw that is should not be there. Moved it to 2h for daily. Every once in a while I engage the 4wd and check that the shaft is...
  3. 2002 4x4 XE

    1st Gen Hangout
    Happy Friday from Combridge region on the Navajo Reservation, southwestern USA. Let's see your actual off road photos.
  4. 4x4 dashboard indicator light out

    1st Gen Hangout
    Just bought a 03 4x4 XE CC Frontier and I noticed while test driving it that the dashboard indicator light for when 4 wheel drive is engaged wouldn't come on. I previously owned the same model, just in 2 door, so I know how the 4x4 works and I can tell when it's engaged based on how the tires...
  5. New Member Hawaii SV 4x4

    New Member Introductions
  6. 07' NISMO FRONTIER 4X4 CREW CAB (engines blown)

    Pretty much stock Nismo frontier, (except for Volant cold air intake, headlights) starting having engine/power troubles, took it in too my mechanic. was told engine needs to be replaced; bottom end is done, cam shaft due to high (highway) mileage 257k. Engine still turns and fires up just...
  7. First time off roading in my Frontier

    OffRoad / 4x4
    So I decided to take my frontier off road for the first time and I loved it. I've never been really off roading before and I found a spot in Maryland to go try it out, off of US-15, just north of the Potomac River, off MD-85 East. As a few friends and I were driving around, exploring...
  8. Frontier Pro 4x CJD Racing build

    2nd Gen Frontier Builds
    Might as well start this...I ordered/am ordering the parts before the truck. Truck should be finished around May-June 2020. no, it's not a daily driver Thanks to Michael @CJD Racing for answering all my questions quickly, and giving advice. His customer service was ridiculously good. Ordered...
  9. From Florida/Virginia, 2002 3.3 SC CC Long Bed owner.

    New Member Introductions
    Hello from Florida, I currently live in FL but the truck has been in western VA its entire life. As you can safely assume, due to road salt and snow the truck has considerable rust. I have received permission from the wife to start a considerable rebuild of the truck including stripping and...
  10. Vagabond Drifter

    OffRoad / 4x4
    We placed our first payment order on a Vagabond Outdoors Drifter model camper last night. These things are amazing, and after doing a ton of research on a number of different lightweight overlanding-type topper/campers, we decided the Vagabond fit the bill for us. The lead time is looking like...
  11. 06 Frontier Drivetrain/4WD/ABS Issues

    Drivetrain Discussions
    Good morning, I have 2006 Frontier 4x4 and having some issues below and I hope someone kindly advises me where to look or check. 1. ABS light is ON 2. 4WD did not work. When I drive on 2WD I can see the graphic indicator on left is showing my RWD but when I switch to 4WD (High or Low), the...
  12. Best improvements for the price?

    1st Gen Hangout
    Looking for some thoughts and advice from those who have gone before. I have a 2002 3.3V6 4x4 SE with 182K on it. I want to put some money (maybe up to $12K) into it over the next 2 or 3 years to bring it closer to like new condition. I'm looking for driving comfort and reliability without...
  13. Going Off-roading is the best ;)

    OffRoad / 4x4