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  1. Shes goofed

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    The yesterday my 2000 4x4 SE went into some wierd limp mode. It'll "drive" in "1", "2", and "R", but not in "D". Its running codes for knock sensor harness, and O2 heaters but nothing else... so, the question is, can any internet mechanics tell me wtf is wrong with my truck?
  2. 2002 Nissan Frontier 4x4 3.3L SC (supercharged) Longbed King cab ? (bigger than crew) VG33ER 190k

    Hey boys, so, sad days. Gotta do it. Anyone from here will get a 10% discount or if you refer anyone I'll l give you a 10% kickback if you refer to this forum or they let me know that you referred them somehow. Here's my ad. If you have any words of advice please let me know. ? This is a...