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  1. 3rd Gen Frontier Builds
    New mod! Nice n snug! Next up...prerunner style rear bumper and rock sliders! Follow build below IG: dezert_runner_offroad
  2. 3rd Generation General Discussion
    Hi Everyone, I am brand new to owning a truck, and I just put a deposit on a Pro4X Baja Storm that should be in my possession within a few weeks. I was looking online to see where is the best place to purchase accessories and such that will make the truck mine. I wanted to ask for advice on...
  3. 3rd Gen - Exterior
    Hey guys. I just recently purchased a 2019 Nissan Frontier. I was looking online and I can’t seem to find much aftermarket support for this truck. However I do LOVE how the new 2022 model looks in the front. I’ve seen other cars that have conversion kits to make them look like the newer model...
  4. 3rd Generation General Discussion
    I picked up my 3rd Gen, SV “Sport” last Friday. The “Sport” trim in Canada comes as a long bed SV, with LED headlights, step rails, upgraded rims, and exhaust finisher. The Canadian SV also comes with the 120v inverter with a plug in the cab and 1 in the bed, heated seats, heated steering wheel...
  5. 3rd Generation General Discussion
    Hi everyone I'm Patrick (or Tatersalad, CB handle). This is my first Frontier! I used to have an '85 720 for 12 years and it was best truck I ever had! I'm looking for some extras for my '22 SV, anybody have any suggestions!? I want some running boards and a tonneau cover! Is it too new...
  6. General Discussion
    Anyone ever try to put a 3rd gen tailgate cap with the flare hanging over the tailgate on a 2nd gen? Looks like it should fit and definitely looks better
1-6 of 6 Results