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  1. 3rd Generation General Discussion
    hey yall, looking to purchase new wheels for my 3rd gen but i am a complete novice when it comes to this subject. Does anybody know the stock offset of the pro 4x (non-beadlock) wheels? i dont have a lift and wanted wheels with a +18 offset and am worried about rubbing. any direction on...
  2. 3rd Generation General Discussion
    Hey All! As a 3rd Gen owner and a Florida resident I wanted to see where all my fellow 3rd gen owners in the Sunshine state are at. Thinking maybe we can work out a Truck meet up at some point. I use to do them with another car club I was in a while back and made some life long friends with...
  3. 3rd Generation General Discussion
    Been a few months and was just curious if anyone has added their personal touch to the Nissan badging. I know on my SV we have the white…..and Pro has that volcano red. But I also know many of us have added some custom vinyl to make these trucks more our own. I just am going crazy with the...
  4. 2nd Gen - Interior
    Hi I'm trying to switch my old 2006 frontier interior to a 3rd generation frontier interior, I currently have a 2006 frontier XE and fell in love with the 2022 Nissan Frontier interior and would like to know if any one knows if its possible to swap interior or not.
  5. 3rd Gen - Lighting / Electrical / Wiring
    Noticed the other day my tailgate wasn’t locked after engaging the lock on the keyfob. So I ran a few tests and was curious if others are also behaving in such a way. If I exit the truck and push the door handle lock all doors lock but the tailgate does not. If I push the keyfob the doors lock...
  6. 3rd Generation General Discussion
  7. 3rd Gen - Wheels, Tires, and Brakes
    So, I am well aware that dealerships and car manufactures will not mess with the computer system for aftermarket tires and lifts and so on. But what about going to another stock tire size. What I mean is, I have a SV has 17 inch rims. I put 265/70/17 on the stock rims. These are slight bigger...
  8. 3rd Gen - Performance
    Hello Everyone! I'm new here and have been keeping up with latest news on performance parts for the 22' Frontiers. I was searching around and saw the Z1Offroad just came out with a new intake. After reading mixed reviews on the AFE intake, I decided to purchase the one offered by Z1 especially...
  9. Buy/Sell/Trade
    Selling my 2022 Nissan Frontier Step Rails - Color Black I bought these 3 weeks ago, and I preferred the off road style step rails instead. Nissan wouldn’t take them back, because I put them on my vehicle and did not keep the original box. Part Number: T99T6-9BU30 Supersession(s): T99T69BU30...
    $300 USD
  10. 3rd Gen - Exterior
    Hello. I'm having trouble installing my Rough Country tonneau cover. There isn't enough clearance for the tailgate to close. The clamps are as far as the go, I even tried to move the utility track higher but there is no play in that either. The problem seems to be the plastic cover on the...
  11. 3rd Gen - Suspension
    Just lifted my 2022 SV 4x4 Crew (long bed), I thought I'd throw pictures up here if anyone wanted to see. I went with the Rough Country 2.5" strut lift. (Loaded struts in the front, shackle and shocks in the back) I went up a size in tire as well to the Cooper AT3 at 265/70/R17 on the stock rims.
  12. 3rd Gen Frontier Builds
    Got it installed looks nice, hopefully the clunk goes away after alignments done, wheels come in Wednesday.
  13. 3rd Gen - Exterior
    Hi everyone, This is my debut into the Frontier world! I work for Apogee Off Road, a manufacturer of off road armor and accessories for the off road/overland community. I'm looking for anyone local to Southern California with a 3rd Gen Frontier interested in being an R&D test rig for...
  14. 3rd Gen - Lighting / Electrical / Wiring
    I'm a proud owner of the new Frontier SV 2022 and the technology in it is incredible! But I'm thinking about changing the halogen headlight bulbs and DRLs/Fog Light bulbs to LED. Has anyone tried this yet? If so which bulbs did you use? Does it void the warranty? If I go to change the bulbs will...
  15. 3rd Gen - Lighting / Electrical / Wiring
    My blue pearl SV is making me very happy. Unfortunately and impossibly, the lighting remains from previous generations. What the heck Nissan? It's a 22! My 17 Escape has full led interior lights and I can see! My brand new Frontier reminds me of a yellowish, 90's smoke out when I crawl in at...
  16. 3rd Gen - Suspension
    6” lifted 2022 Frontier, done on the Big Island, looks killer!😍🤙🏾
1-16 of 16 Results