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  1. 4 Banger Lounge
    Im trying to do a k24 swap in my 99 frontier and just trying to figure out if the 240sx swap kit will work from touge factory Unless there is options already out there that I have just not seen please post them as well Thank you!!
  2. 1st Gen Hangout
    My idle isn't to great it alternates from 800 to 500 sometimes acts like it wants to die Also said that it is lean on bank 1 too much air and idk what to do I've changed the following Spark plugs/wires Map sensor and maf sensor Knock sensor All 3 belts Gray connector on throttle position...
  3. 1st Gen Hangout
    Took my 1999 Fronty (3.3V6, 5-speed) to a mechanic for new rear main seal, CV joints and clutch job (truck has ~ 160000 miles on original). Upon getting home, noticed lots of oil leaking on driveway. Driven very little since it left mechanic. Crawled underneath, wiped down surfaces cleaning them...
1-3 of 3 Results