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General Information

Frontier SE
Silver, kindda
2nd owner, bought in 2015
Clean title
195k miles


Will soon be looking for a donor Titan for all the works
Fiberwerx front fenders
Cst 4" lift spindle
Titan aftermarket upper control arms
Titan OEM lower control arms and tie rod ends
Titan Bilstein strut and shocks with Titan OEM Coil struts set at "2 inches"
2" strut spacer
Goodridge extended brake lines
Titan OEM sway bar w/extended links
Torch offroad add-a-leaf
2" spacers under leaf springs
3" body lift
35" Tires
Custom Boss Audio system
Blue interior lighting
Custom: fog lamps, blue grill lights, led on bull bar, and pod lamps under windshield.
Borla cat-back exhaust
Wheel and Tire
Fuel Offroad Contra 20x10
Venom Power Terra Hunter XT 35x12.5


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Hello man, where did you get the titan axle shafts to fit ? and how did you change the top hat of the struts to get the shocks to fit as well ?

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Well i don't have a Titan axle, i have RWD and eventually plan on doing a vk swap in wich case i would run a titan rear axle.
As for the struts, you just opened pandoras box btw, i was hoping no one asked haha.
I'm sure they make an adapter that would double as a strut spacer to get the Titan struts to fit our Frontiers, or maybe even a top hat that fits a titan coil with the bolt spacing to mount to a frontier.
I myself chose to jimmy rig it. I drilled new holes on the titan top hat to fit the frontier bolt spacing, and slapped a spacer on that sucker too. The ride quality is actually not that bad, it's just a tad stiff.
When i first decided to titan swap my suspension, i read on various posts that all i needed was titan control arms and that i could even use a titan strut.
However, i also ended up running into the top hat issue, needing to order titan coil springs, and a titan sway bar and extended links, as i could no longer get the OE bar to link up.