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XE, 3.3L crewcab
Bought from the original owner about 1.5 years ago w/ 95K original miles and been repairing/upgrading ever since. I plan on keeping her for many years to come. I do wish she did better in fuel economy but... I use her for stuff! I mountain bike and camp and need to haul and pull things every so often. I like the fact that I can actually work on her and I find this enjoyable, sometimes.
2003 Nissan Frontier (Maroon)


3.3L is stock but really clean. Replaced timing belt and water pump. replaced all water and vacuum hoses to fix some vacuum issues and just because the rubber used in these hoses seems inferior. many cracks, dry rot, and just soft with heat. When replacing/relocating the knock sensor, I fixed leaky valve cover gasket at the same time. She has a cold air intake new distributor, rotor and cap, new wires and plugs, new MAP and several new sensors. Discovered and fixed a major issue that was giving me erroneous codes (TB from Nissan about the grounding issues). Serviced tranny.

For the near future, I will probably upgrade the exhaust (cant run duels w/o losing the spare tire, darn-it) I may need to replace the front cats and manifolds. Undecided about stock or trying to buy something for improved flow but I am a little reluctant and I am not sure what it will do to my performance. As I understand it, I need some back pressure for my low-end performance and frankly, there is not enough information out there for a solid decision yet.

I am transferring to an electric fan and losing the mechanical one. I will also add a tranny cooler. This is all to be in the very near future.
tinted windows, seat covers, LED lighting and floor mats.

I plan on doing some soundproofing for the cab but that is a little later.
Upgraded front and rear lights and added fog lights and Westin front bull bar and tow hitch.

She has scratches and a few paint blemishes but it gives her character. Maybe, I will give her a nice paint job one of these days.

I will probably do a little more with exterior lighting but I have'nt a real plan as of now.
Pioneer with CarPlay, pre-amp, and speakers. Sounds pretty good and the streaming music from iPhone, maps, backup camera and blue tooth hands-free are pretty nice.
Wheel and Tire
new larger rims and tires. Nothing too radical but it gives her a nice look.


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