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XE King Cab V6 4x4 5-speed
I am the 2nd owner, and according to the CarFax this truck spent most of its life in California. It must have been pretty dusty because there's a ton of moon dust behind the door panels. It was involved in a minor fender bender several years ago that was taken care of through insurance, and other than that the truck is in really good shape. When I first bought it, it needed a new knock sensor and the driver's side CV boot was torn. In addition, it became apparent that none of the rear lights were working. All of these problems have been addressed and the truck is running great as of this writing.
1999 Nissan Frontier (Silver)


previous owner installed an AEM dry cold air intake, complete with super annoying to remove electrical connector on the tip of the filter that if not reconnected will trip a check engine light.

Drained and replaced all the fluids (both diffs, trans, T-case, engine) Transmission fluid appeared to be the worst next to the rear diff; all of the fluids looked original and at 163xxx miles, absolutely needed to be changed. I have put roughly 2,000 miles on the truck since I changed the tans fluid (RedLine 75w/90 labeled for manual transmissions) and have noticed a dramatic improvement in shifting smoothness, esp when cold. 4th gear no longer feels "gated" and it will always go into gear regardless of truck angles or motion. It still hates it when I try to put it in reverse at any forward speed faster than average annual glacier speeds though.
none (still has the OEM roadside kit including the one-piece spare tire bar!)
none; however there is a green "Rancho" sticker right above the "Frontier" logo on the top right of the tailgate, not sure if this was applied via the dealership or previous owner.
pulled the stock cassette player (don't know if it actually worked but the radio functionality of the unit did) and replaced it with a Pioneer double din unit, also replaced the 100% rotted stock door speakers with replacement Pioneer's.
Wheel and Tire
Stock 15in wheels, 265/70r15 Cooper AT3 all terrains all around, ~3,500 miles on them. The bed is so light that the rears had what looked like "chicken strips" but only the outer most 1/2in on both sides of the tread wasn't wearing correctly. Rotated the tires during the spring/shock replacement and now all four appear to be wearing evenly. It would appear that actually doing frequent tire rotations on this truck is a must given the very light rear end.



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