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I originally bought an '06 Frontier that I used mainly for camping and the usual 'truck stuff'. Then I did a search one day for problems with the Frontiers because I was having an issue with my heater getting cold while at idle. I came across this site as a result of that and learned of the radiator/transmission problem that has plagued many, many people. I changed the radiator, all fluids, thermostat, and several other things. However, even though the truck ran fine after all that work I kept having a nagging thought in the back of my head. Did I actually fix the problem, or did I just prolong the inevitable?? I chickened out and decided to trade it in on my '13 model after reading that Nissan had FINALLY corrected the issue. That was the beginning of the end, at least as my wallet was concerned. LOL! Ever since purchasing my new truck I have studied how to do all sorts of different things to it. And have also contracted the dreaded 'LED bug'. LOL! I have a laundry list longer than I am tall of all the different things I would eventually like to do to it. If I were to sum up my ultimate goal and/or vision, it would be something along these lines. My vision is to create an Infinity G37s/Q50 version of the Frontier. Sleek yet powerful. Quiet and refined on the inside but rugged looking on the outside and able to handle tough tasks if asked. Not sure if that makes sense to anybody else other than myself, but that's what my personal goal is. So far, I don't think Ive done too bad a job. I know I could've done more, but life has a way of throwing wrenches in the mix when you'd otherwise like to buy a 50" double row LED bar for your roof. LOL! Anyway, I hope whoever stumbles across my listing enjoys it and feels inspired to create their own version of what Ive done thus far. Feel free to leave any comments, questions, or suggestions for me and I'll respond as soon as I can. Thank you and keep on moddin!
2013 Nissan Frontier (White)


K&N 77 Series Intake with Reflect-A-Gold Heat Wrap & Titanium Exhaust Wrap / VIAS Delete (then reinstalled it after I got bigger tires) / Throttle Body Screen Delete / Throttle Body Coolant By-Pass / CXJ Phenolic IMS / ADD W1 Oil Catch-Can / Under-hood LED Lights with Switch / Engine Cover LED Accent Lighting with Switch (red) / Custom Bussmann RTMR Auxiliary Power Distribution System / 350z Thermostat
V-LEDs Foot-well, Room, & Map Lights (5000k) / Custom Door Pocket Accent Lighting (amber) / Custom Rear Floor Accent Lighting (amber) / Custom Cubby Area Lighting (amber) / Custom Center Console Storage Area Lighting (white) / White-faced Gauges with Pathfinder Gauge Bezel / Pathfinder Door Switch Covers / Reverse Polarized Odometer Display / Reverse Polarized Auto-AC Display / Dynomat Entire Cabin (floor, roof, doors, rear wall) / Transmission Temp Gauge / Pro-4X 5 Switch Lower Center Stack with OTRATTW Switches / Custom Overhead 6 Switch System / Custom Bussmann RTMR Auxiliary Power System / Relocated VDC Switch / Cargo Light Switch Mod / Windshield Mounted Phone Holder for 'Torque Pro' Display
OEM Chrome Mirrors / OEM Chrome Door Handles / OEM Mud Guards / AVS Bug Shield / Morimoto 5000k HID Kit / V-LEDs Brake, Reverse, Cargo, & License Plate Lights / Custom V-LEDs Underbody Puddle Lights / Bed-lined Entire Rear Wheel Well Area / Bed-lined Painted Section of Bed Under Rear Window / Relocated Trailer Wiring Plug Into Bumper / Stubby Antenna / Hyper Yellow Fog Lights / EZ-Down Tailgate Strut / Flipped Front License Plate / Installed Rigid Flush Mount SR-Qs in Rear Bumper / Installed Rigid Midnight Edition Duallys in Front Grille
Replaced Stock Speakers with JBL GTO Series / More to come...
Wheel and Tire
285/75/16 on Stock Rims



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