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Frontier Pro-4X
Pro-4X Luxury BS
Its been to all the lower 48 and as much off road as I can fit into all of them. Also, a year in the mountains of British Columbia. It goes places SxS only fit and carry more than my Jeep buddies, no road queen for sure. It is an overlander so you wont hear about crazy lifts or mods that dont increase MPG's or durability. Love this truck and take alot of **** from my full size brethern but actually take it 50 miles or more off the beaten path. May upgrade to fuel cell to carry more fuel. Also, when the motor takes its last breath I see the new Cummins falling in place. Would like a better tranny to achieve more distance. Alternative is a 2.7 10spd out of a wrecked F-150.

May 2019, Tranny dead, new going in along with lots of other upgrades and general maint.
2011 Nissan Frontier Pro-4X (Silver)


Intake spacer(2011), higher volt coil packs (2015), JBA Shorty Titanium headers(2019) (replaced cracked Doug Thorley units we all had 2011) All new Walker Cat's (2019), AFE exhaust with dump (2018) to replace rusted out Doug Thorely cat back (2011). Hypertech 87 tune to clean up fuel after exhaust and intake mods. Really cleaned it up. No K&N equal no more Mass Air problems, 3 in total, no change in performance anyways... Soon to snorkel, for no reason at all. May 2019 added new trans cooler (Hayden) with 10" flex a lite fan and 180 deg inline thermo. New Radiator, Flex A Lite dual fan with in line thermo as well. Amsoil Transfer Case Oil swap, Amsoil Diff oil, ARB Cover. Tranny from Street Smart, we'll see how good they are. New plugs, NGK Ruthenium (always looking for MPG's) 2022 swapped out leaf's for ARB, new shackles/ bushings. Swapped 5100's to 6112 PRG and 5125's in rear. All poly bushings and sway bar links. Just crossed 259k miles. (2018) PRG UCA with uniball, love them.
Lots of wear and a car seat for the 5 yr old cohort. He is now 7 but the damage remains.
Bushwacker fender flares, ARB Bumper, SmityBuilt 10k wireless winch, DiamondBack HD Bi-fold bed cover. Removed factory rack, soon to add Rhino Rack. Plugged factory mounts with stainless button allen screws and underwater silicone.
Phone music and off road navigation
All LED minus the headlights.
JBA Titanium Shorties, First set cracked around 170k miles. AFE Cat back with dump.
Wheel and Tire
Many over the years, currently Nitto Trail Grapplers. Lost 2-3 MPG as expected but gained 4wd traction in 2wd. Love them, but may go back to Toyo. Black peal paint that I just respray every could years. Update... Still love the Grapplers but currently running Patagonia's, not the same, and I am being nice.



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Good looking truck and you're getting everything out of her. How many miles on it? I've got 235k, will post pics asap.

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Good looking truck and you're getting everything out of her. How many miles on it? I've got 235k, will post pics asap.
About to knock off 220k any day not. Amazing that I have almost 30k on the new tranny in just six months. Also, just noticed that I have around 70k on my Trail Grapplers. WOW time flies and I have never been nice to them other than rotations. I hardly even check the pressures.