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This is a truck I just bought before any repairs, miles, or mods.
This is my jacked up 4-cylinder frontier and I love jt
06 Frontier SE Crew Cab with Ute Ltd. Flatbed
2004 4x4, 4door, long bed
Eventually covering up all the chrome
Swapped out stock audio for Alpine ILX-650, changed dash tweeters for skar 3.5" tweeters and added some LEDs
My new '17 bone stock
its completely stock, a blank canvas
Niss Tech AAL, 2" top spacer, Toyo Open Country AT3's
Suzuki Equators have almost everything a frontier has, if you find one in the junkyard.
This truck is awesome and hasnt failed me offroad yet for only being 2wd!
Isn’t she cute
2006 nismo kc 4x4
'15 Fronteir SV 4x4
It sits in the driveway I drive it once a week to the car wash Was going to try and put an leveling kit on it I have no Mechanical experience I have jack stands and floor jacks can a rookie do this ?
She is my daily driver and get's the crap beat outta her, but i still love her 😍
17, frontier, cclwb, 4x4
This is going to be an aggressive little truck.
Just purchased 2019 Frontier SV Crew 4WD.
Another Frontier