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Frontier PRO-4X
Navy Blue
PRO-4X 4dr with 6 Spd Manual XSMN
#1. Ordered at dealer, new from the factory in October 2010, delivered Black Friday November 26th, 2010. Only way I could get a 6 speed manual. Originally wanted a RED one, but after thinking about it awhile - would look to much like predominate RED SOX Color - so got the Navy Blue, more like a NY Yankees color!

#2. Really pissed at Nissan when they wouldn't add the PRO-4X luxury package (Moon roof, Sat Radio, roof rack, leather heated seats, heated mirrors, etc) because I ordered a manual transmission! WTF does a manual transmissiion have to do with that stuff? Got dealer to sell me the roof-rack at cost, and install for $300 with 3 year warrantee - but again Nissan would not share with the installing dealer the torque values for the roof rack's mounting bolts, said because the roof-rack doesn't belong on that truck! WTF- it's a 4 door Frontier- physically fits!
2011 Nissan Frontier PRO-4X (Navy Blue)


#1. After power train warrantee runs out - K&N Cool air intake type system going in!

#2. Clutch replaced just under 14,000 (1 1/2 years) under warrantee, even though dealer accused me of drag racing! Would have been a $1500 bill other wise. Others having same problem with premature wear out: 2nd clutch appearing to be wearing out at 33,000 miles and 3 1/2 years (been driving stick 30+ years) - no drag racing.

#3. Added 120V AC (extension cord) battery blanket: working on adding a plug-in anti-freeze circulating engine heater next; along with battery trickle charger. Wire them all into a single (male prongs) Marine Shore Power (weather proof) Power plug mounted to the front mesh grill.

#4. Installed a Quick Oil Drain valve (LOVE IT)

I got the one with the extended nipple (still doesn't go below the skid plates level) so I could put a plug over it and block out the Central NYS snow/road salt: and I use the safety clamp to ensure it can't be bumped open, etc between oil changes.
#1. Installed a 6 circuit auxillar fuse box behind the glove box; wired directly to the (+) battery post. Actually used a NAPA three wire bayonnet connector they have for that purpose to keep it nice and neat- easy to connect/disconnect auxillary lines.

#2. Installed relay switch for Aux fuse box: controlled by a blue lighted rocker switch in right side vacant slot under center console of the dashboard.

#3. Switched shifting lever knob with a UH-1 Huey Helicopter cyclic grip (Joy stick handle) and hooked the weapons firing button up to the horn, via aux fuse box! Now I can steer, shift and honk at the same time. (More future ideas or the rest of the buttons - anyone rig a rear -flame thrower to keep tailgaters away yet? LOL).

#4. Installed cellphone holder. and hard-wired cellphone charger cord into AUX Fuse box (use a female 12V DC socket wired into aux fuse box to plug the charger into, don't cut the charger cord: duct tape them to stay together under dashbord).

#5 Removed the center dashboard tray, and replaced it with the Nissan Xterra GPS flip-up/down mount: installed a Garmin GPS, and hardwired to aux fuse box (use a female 12V DC wired into aux fuse box to plug the charger into, don't cut the charger cord: duct tape them to stay together under dashbord).

#6. Installed a Backup camera monitor (wired into aux fuse box) on driver's A pillar (inside) with home speakers wall mount (from Best Buy) so it is on the inside of door window glass, next to the driver's mirror). I can see backwards from two points of view at one time. And works great when backing up to hook up trailers!

#7. Removed the spare tire from under the truck, and secured inside the bed cap to keep out of the salty upstate NY winter road environment, and easy to get out if needed.
#1 Added matching Navy Blue (ordered from manufacturer) color ARE brand BED CAP (Bed Rug interior: Two 3 12VDC outlets (one on each side one is direct from battery, other needs key on); auto locking/unlocking with vehicle's OEM keyless security system).

#2 Added USA flag patterned front hood bug shield.

#3 Added Nissan OEM Roof Rack.

#4 Added Tow Hitch receiver and wiring (Cut 2" hole - round then squared off at two corners to make Nissan OEM plug fit- into rear bumper on left side of license plate for wiring plug: instead of having it somewhere under the bumper and hard to reach- and less exposure to Upstate NY Road salt).

#5. Dealer installed: Press buttons Key-pad lock/unlock doors on the Driver's door (LOVE IT!). Never lock keys in car again, and need a locksmith to get them out! I purposely lock keys in truck when going boating, better then chancing losing them out on the water; or trying to hide where someone won't find them, while out on the water!)

#6. Installed Automatic Philips brand Daylight Running Lights. Now insurance lowered by $22/per year- break even in 4 years: hopefyully also save and make my head-lights I use to turn on all the time last longer; and help me avoid an accident or two - see and be seen!
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Wheel and Tire
#1. Changed OEM Goodrich Tires (wore out in 2.5 years) with Michelin MS/2s All-weather tires. And I love them - great traction, no more tire spin-outs when starting normally - in 1st gear! Great snow traction too!

#2. Got tires thru, shipped to local Firestone for installation because they have a lifetime alignment deal (every 5K miles or 5 months I think).



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