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Maroon Red
Base XE Trim - Tow Package - Single-DIN Cassette Radio w/ 4 Speakers
This is my 2000 Nissan Frontier that I purchased used from Champion Hyundai in 2006 for $5,000. Champion dealers are now AutoNation, BTW. At the time, I was strictly looking for a 4-cylinder, regular cab, pickup truck, and did not care if it was a Toyota Tacoma or a Nissan Frontier. What I did not want to buy, was any type of Ford Ranger, because I already own one, and a V6 one at that. I ended up picking up this 2000 Maroon Red Frontier with the 5-Speed Manual gearbox. The only reason why I have this truck is because a previous potential buyer sneered at this particular truck because it had no Air Conditioning. Most people do that here in Texas since we have extremely hot summers. The compressor had an utterly bad leak, and could not keep refrigerant in the compressor for any longer than 3 hours. Soon after buying it, I had a service guy patch up the leak. I actually have a new compressor to put in it that I bought in 2012, because the compressor already in the truck locked and seized up in 2007 and ruined the belt running the air conditioning.

This truck also has an interesting background. The previous owner (the first owner too) was an undercover police officer, and drove the truck around as a patrol unit until 2006, where he traded it in for a used Ford F-150. The driver's side of the bench seat has a huge "carved out" hole in the backrest area, since the cop wore his gear while in the truck. I never plan on fixing that, since it is a "mark of history" for that truck. The truck also has never towed anything, since the plastic piece that covers up the ball-hitch area on the bumper is still there, unbroken and untouched.

Most of these pictures were taken in 2007, so the mods listed below do not look accurate.
2000 Nissan Frontier (Maroon Red)


2.4 Litre Petrol Engine with a 5-Speed Manual gearbox.
Stock interior, no modifications done.
None on the actual body, but the small, itty bitty caps for the alloy wheels were custom-painted red to match the Maroon. Normally these would be silver in a stock truck.

Back Glass is tinted purple.
Stock Radio Currently, will be replacing soon with a Kenwood Aftermarket radio with Bluetooth and HD Radio and will also be replacing the speakers with Rockford Fosgate units.
Wheel and Tire
15-inch Alloy Wheels.



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