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  1. Adios Amigos!

    Off Topic
    I sold my Frontier this week, as I'm wanting to buy a full size pickup. (I've decided to go with an F-150 Super Crew) It's kind of sad to say goodbye - the people on this forum are fantastic and the ideas and info I've gathered have been invaluable! The Frontier in my opinion is the best mid...
  2. Hooray Duratracs!

    Wheels, Tires, and Brakes
    Those look awesome! Did you go with the C or E rated version? Are they quite a bit noisier than the stock tires?
  3. Is this a mess up?

    Interior Mods
    mine are light grey too.
  4. Another FNG with a PRO4X

    New Member Introductions
    Nice truck! Wish they had that color when I bought my truck!
  5. 2010 4x4 Gas mileage woes?

    Performance Mods
    That's better than I get! :crikey: That's really good. Are there any hills where you live? I go through 20L/100Km, but I live in a hilly area.
  6. Sand in the Bed?

    1st Gen Hangout
    I put 4 bags of sand in every winter. Makes a huge difference in start-up traction.
  7. seafoam and new spark plugs

    General Discussion
    I bought an old Johnson outboard motor that would not stay running for longer than a few seconds no matter what I did. I bought some seafoam and sprayed it into the carb immediately after starting it. I did this about 5 times, but it still wouldn't stay running. An hour later though, it fired up...
  8. anyone have a tankless water heater?

    Off Topic
    I have a Rinnai in my home, and I love it! No worrying about running out of hot water, and when I'm showering the water temp stays consistent even when others in the house are flushing toilets or running sinks. It's much more efficient than a hot water tank, so the gas bills are much lower.
  9. Photoshop guru needed...

    General Discussion
    Definitely orange! Please post pics when it's done!
  10. PRG and KM2s

    Wheels, Tires, and Brakes
    Looks awesome! I have the same lift and am thinking of going up to a 285 tire. Did you have to make any modifications to prevent them from rubbing?
  11. What tires did the 2008 nismo frontier come with?

    General Discussion
    The SE and LE models came with BFGoodrich Long Trails, which are even worse than the Rugged Trails that the NISMOs came with. It was actually one of the many reasons I went with the NISMO over the SE or LE.
  12. Newb - Looking for a CC 4x4 frontier...

    New Member Introductions
    Welcome to CF and good luck finding a Frontier. I must admit I almost burst out loud when I read your user name!
  13. Photo of Thule 422XT Installed

    General Discussion
    I picked up a used Thule 422XT rack yesterday and installed it. I had to remove the Utilitrack rails from the side in order to be able to clamp the rack. Here's a picture. I like the looks of the rack. Very handy too! When fully extended, they end up about 2" taller than the factory racks. I'll...
  14. My boat won't fit in the box. What to do now???

    General Discussion
    So today I put two 2x4s across the bed rails (one at the front, one at the back) and laid the boat on top of the 2x4s with the stern facing the front of the truck. Because it's a 12' boat, and I have a 5' box, the boat wants to tip backwards. I could strap it down to hold it in place, but I'm...
  15. My boat won't fit in the box. What to do now???

    General Discussion
    Unfortunately I have no place to store a trailer. I already own a tent trailer that has a boat rack on the roof. When I'm not using the boat, I'll store it on top of the tent trailer. So although a boat trailer would be handy, my only option is to carry the boat in the back of the truck. I'm...
  16. My boat won't fit in the box. What to do now???

    General Discussion
    I just found out that Thule doesn't make a roof rack for Frontiers with UtiliTrack, so if you can find the picture of the modification, I'd really appreciate it!
  17. My boat won't fit in the box. What to do now???

    General Discussion
    I bought a 12' aluminum fishing boat the other day. I went to load it up in the back of the truck, and much to my surprise, it's slightly too wide to fit in the box. Does anyone know if Yakima or Thule make racks that attach to the bed rails for the 2nd gen Frontiers? After this experience, I...
  18. What Will the Next Titan Offer???

    Off Topic
    I found this link talking about the next generation Titan, which will be a Nissan design, thank the Lord for that! Some talk of Diesel powerplants - that would be awesome! Nissan mulls Titan engine variations
  19. Blacked out bumpers!!!

    Exterior Mods
    Awesome job, looks great!
  20. Rear Bumper Rust???

    General Discussion
    Last spring I noticed my rear bumper had a lot of surface rust on the sides and was starting to pit. The dealer replaced it under warranty. So far, the new one looks OK, but we had a really mild winter this year.
1-20 of 353 Results