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  1. FS: MK84 coilovers

  2. FS: MK84 coilovers

  3. FS: MK84 coilovers

    Sorry, was out of town. Here's some additional pics:
  4. FS: MK84 coilovers

  5. MPS: Group Buy- Titan Swap Top Hats for 5100s

    Chris, can you put me down for the next round of tophats? Thanks.
  6. Alcan Leaf Pack Info

    Xterra Titan Swap - no Shackles - no What amount of lift did you order? 2.5" How much weight over did you order? why? 350lbs - I went with the heaviest cargo I've been carrying recently. I'm sure my camping gear weighs less than 350lbs, but I've been carrying brick and sand in the X, so I went...
  7. JeniorNV's build

    2nd Gen Frontier Builds
    fwiw: I love my set so far. I haven't had them off-road yet, but I seem to be using my X more as a truck these days. I had several hundred lbs of sand in the back and they didn't seem to notice (mine are +350lbs).
  8. Roll Call Vegas!

    Desert Wheeling
    Bummer. I'll be in Moab when all you guys are coming back lol
  9. goneMOAB 2017

    OffRoad / 4x4
    Those are terrible dates for me! :( But I will still try to make it, depending on how much PTO I will have. Possible to join in on the tail end if need be?
  10. Overlanding - Death Valley, CA

    I'd be interested in doing Mojave Road! I've been looking for someone to do it with! ps. I haven't read the whole thread yet...
  11. FS: Bilstein 4600s/Xterra Floor mats/M226 3.73 gears

    They have around 80k on them I believe, but I've been too busy to try and ship these :( negative, same shocks from Pro4x Sale pending atm.
  12. Trail Mileage Log

    OffRoad / 4x4
    I haven't been keeping up on Angel Peak/Lucky Strike 10/08/2016 Trail mileage: 28 Got the X on three wheels for the first time: Total mileage in 2016: 174 (approx)
  13. Nomad's Next Generation

    2nd Gen Frontier Builds
    I went with a MF. I preferred the sound from all the clips I saw. Mike said he got rid of his drone too, so I'll try it. And yea, got the 2in-1out!
  14. Nomad's Next Generation

    2nd Gen Frontier Builds
    Definitely not looking for drone, though most of the clips on YouTube make the Magnaflow seem quieter than the FM. I was planning on a FM series 50 2in-1out.
  15. Nomad's Next Generation

    2nd Gen Frontier Builds
    I think I'm in the market for a muffler. Why did you swap your magnaflow for the flowmaster?
  16. Nisscon '16: Nissans on the Rubicon Trail!

    OffRoad / 4x4
    Cool pics and great reports!
  17. FS: Bilstein 4600s/Xterra Floor mats/M226 3.73 gears

    Please take a look at my ad: Frontier/Xterra parts I'd prefer something local at the moment.
  18. NISSTEC MK84 Coilover Review

    I have these coilovers on my Xterra. I take them off road pretty often and on some fairly rough trails. They've held up great.
  19. New member in vegas

    New Member Introductions
    *ahem* Silver State Nissans Welcome!
  20. The Punisher

    1st Gen Frontier Builds
    you are going insane with this thing. and I LOVE IT
1-20 of 284 Results