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  1. Timing belt 3.3 V6

    1st Gen Hangout
    Great write-ups and info. I have one question I have gotten everything off and the cover for the timing belt has the bolts with rubber bushings on them. Does anyone know where to get these bolts with the bushings? My truck has gotten hot and they are now brittle and breaking.
  2. Meet and greet - sf auto show 22-29 nov

    Nor Cal
    I am down with it. Hopefully on Sunday.
  3. Tires for beach sand

    OffRoad / 4x4
    I live on the OBX coast for 4 years and the best I saw was the TrXus STS from InterCo. My friend ran 40" x20" on his F350 4dr Lb and that was the best riding lifted truck I have every rode in. That and the less tread you have the better just keep the brick off that skinny pedal. Cost wise more...
  4. Walker B pipe cat delete

    1st Gen Hangout
    This sounds like a great mod to buy, but what would happen if you took the b cats off and hollowed them out and put them back in. No Cost. I done this to my Ford Contour and gained power and great sound. Most states require cats to be installed nothing about them having anything in them. I plan...
  5. Nehmia's 04 needs some serious TLC... help?

    1st Gen Hangout
    Welcome Welcome to the club. I also have an 04 but long bed and 4x4. Most of the work needed can be done in a day, if you have the tools. If your sticker is current the Navy Bases out there will have them. I did all of the myself that way. This site has a lot of helpful tool also.
  6. Want to buy a Rockford Fosgate sub enclosure

    1st Gen Hangout
    If your going for a single sub I would go up to a 10". My choice would be the JL Audio subs. You would have room for two but one would have more box. I personal what one their 13.5 super thin, TW5v2. 10TW3-D4 - Car Audio - Subwoofer Drivers - TW3 - JL Audio
  7. 3500lb Towing Capacity on the M\T???

    1st Gen Hangout
    Sad, but very true. No matter how many upgrades or mods. I have a 04 CC LB 4x4 and I had some issues pulling a popup up a hill here in Cali. plan on lifting the camper to match truck. Hopeful help with the air flow from truck to camper. Even worse is my Kia Van has more towing abilities then...
  8. cow mountain - april

    Nor Cal
    I'm up for a night of camping. If they allow pop-up campers. It will give me a goal to get my camper back together. Also get to try out my new tires.
  9. Premium gas with timing advance?

    Performance Mods
    Premium gas is only needed if you increase the compression to 10:1 or higher. Your timing will not change that.
  10. Hollister Hills Camping Trip 7/10-14

    Well bad news for me I have to bow out this weekend. Family needs me this weekend. I will try for a day drive and trail ride.
  11. Torsion Bar Question

    1st Gen Hangout
    Also make sure you did not break the key along with the bolt. Also sounds like a good timing to get a lift kit with new bars and upper control arms. I imagine you had the torsion bars cranked for a small lift and the bolt said he was done. i don't have new bars myself but I assume that they are...
  12. Moab 2013 post your pics&videos

    C/F Photography Club
    :hi:Does anyone know this member? Nice setup! Where did you get your bumper? I have been looking for one like that.
  13. Camping July 10/11-14th.

    Nor Cal
    I up for it. Dates are go for me. Also I have a popup so hopefully there will be room for me. Trying to make the camper light-off road. May help get the wife to go wheelin, if not just chill at the camp. I am good for either place.
  14. 2000 Nissan frontier back bench seat swap

    Interior Mods
    JL audio just came out with a new 10" shallow mount. They also have a 13" that would fit but you will have to get creative. The speakers are only 2.5" thick and with the box design here on the forum at .8cu volume, one with a powerful amp should thump and two 10's would kick it. 10TW3-D4 - Car...
  15. SPOTTED white crew cab in rohnert park

    Nor Cal
    Don't know. I have the seen it. Maybe we should have a roll call for the North Bay. I see a ton of Frontier here in Novato 1st and 2nd Gens. I have the Pewter 4dr CC LB.
  16. Trailer Light Question.

    1st Gen Hangout
    When wiring this up just use one wire per wire. Our trucks are easier the US truck with the brake blinker comb. We have one wire for each and a ground. Just go to the connector under the bed next to the spare tire and splice into the cable after the connector. The premade connector just makes it...
  17. hye from malaysia...

    New Member Introductions
    Welcome to the club. Sorry don't know much about the arctic truck fenders, but do look nice. I plan on getting the FiberX one piece fender flares. Are you in the states or still living in Malaysia. Also update you profile info when you can. Pics of your truck would be great.
  18. big 3 onn a first gen

    1st Gen Hangout
    I to just added the 180 amp from 4x4parts. But I have not upgraded the wiring. Question what is the battery bank for? Should I upgrade the ground cables and is there any other cables to upgrade? I don't have any extra parts yet that need the amps. Future needs, lights, stereo, electric fan...
  19. 1st Gen Vent Visors?

    1st Gen Hangout
    They look good to me. It helps the front window line match the back window.
  20. Frank Raines Sunday 4/7

    Nor Cal
    I am off that weekend, but I don't know what the wife's plan. I will plan to go untill I hear anything else. Very tentative.
1-20 of 78 Results