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  1. Replaced Nissan Frontier Purchased Dec. 20, 2000

    General Discussion
    Man, that's a nice truck. Love the color, I wish the 2019 was available in yellow! My dad has a (2006?) Ridgeline and seems to like it. That's probably all the truck most people need, even if it isn't really a truck in the traditional sense.
  2. Seat Covers

    Interior Mods
    My grandparents had a Nissan (Stanza, I think) when I was a kid, and it had this weird fuzzy fabric that the textured areas of the Frontier's seats remind me of. I'm sure that trapped dirt like crazy, but my grandma was such a neat freak that she kept a 12v hand vac in the car at all times, so...
  3. Seat Covers

    Interior Mods
    I'd expect at least some sticking, at least at first. Vinyl material has improved a lot over the decades, but it's still vinyl, even if they give it fancy names like Leatherette. That is also a great option, and often it's a lot cheaper than factory leather. Not to mention that it allows you...
  4. Seat Covers

    Interior Mods
    Thanks for the update and the image. I'm interested in the outcome of this because I'm strongly considering Coverking myself once I get my Frontier, in fact I ordered the free swatches in advance a couple weeks ago. But that fitment does not look anything like the example images I've seen...
  5. Seat Covers

    Interior Mods
    Ouch. Yeah it's entirely possible that they are counterfeit. I don't know if there's a big market for bootleg seat covers, but there's enough of a market for fake clothing and purses out there, so I suppose a seat cover wouldn't be much of a stretch. It's also possible that you were the...
  6. Any negatives to keeping O/D off?

    General Discussion
    I haven't had to use it yet, but they seem pretty loose with the warranty repairs from what I've heard. I did have to replace the splash guard under the engine, but that was my own fault, I cracked it on some ice. I think it was like $25. Replacement parts are really reasonable.
  7. Pro 4x differences through last few years

    General Discussion
    Mechanically, I don't think there have been any changes. Only cosmetic ones, such as the aforementioned grab handle and door handles, and I think different colors were available in other years.
  8. Any negatives to keeping O/D off?

    General Discussion
    I believe you, especially since the two cars share basically the same platform! I haven't had it long, only about 3 years, but it has given me zero problems so far.
  9. Any negatives to keeping O/D off?

    General Discussion
    2nd gen Kia Forte5. And thankfully it's a traditional torque converter automatic. I won't win any cool points with it, but it's good on gas and the dealers practically give them away if you shop at the right time. I got about $7k off the $22k sticker, so it ended up being less expensive...
  10. Seat Covers

    Interior Mods
    Have you tried contacting Coverking directly? Not sure how their customer service is, but maybe they can identify whether or not CARid sold you the wrong part number, or if there's some kind of defect in the covers. I've always heard good things about the fitment of Coverking products. What...
  11. Frontier Prices Used and New

    General Discussion
    Unfortunately, there isn't much info about the upcoming Frontier yet, at least nothing official. Mostly just a mixture of conflicting information cobbled together from rumors, speculation, and educated guesses. The most recent information I've heard is that it is going to be more of a big...
  12. Frontier Prices Used and New

    General Discussion
    If that was after tax, it would have been the deal of the century! lol One thing I've noticed is that in my area, many vehicles are priced just enough below MSRP to offset the sales tax. In other words, that $25,000 stickered vehicle is "sale" priced at or below $23,500, seemingly just to...
  13. Redline Reviews gives Frontier a Fair Shake

    General Discussion
    I had a subscription to Car and Driver for many years. I didn't always agree with their assessments, and often felt that they heaped way too much praise on BMW/Mercedes, but like you said they were well written and always entertaining. I'm with you there as well. The current Frontier was...
  14. Frontier Prices Used and New

    General Discussion
    That seems like a good price! I assume that's before taxes? I was quoted something close to that for a King Cab version, but after tax it ballooned right back up to around the sticker price. The warranties can be hit or miss. I've heard they do anything to deny a claim that should have been...
  15. Best Shocks for Comfort?

    1st Gen Hangout
    The only potential issue I've experienced with RockAuto parts is that most, if not all of their stock is sourced from other stores. This means that when you order parts in pairs, you might end up with two different part revisions. I've only had it happen with wiper blades, which was not really...
  16. Plastic straw in oil pan!!!! PLEASE HELP!

    DIY - Do It Yourself / Tech Tips
    I've had it happen. One of my old cars developed rust along the leading edge of the hood, and when I got my last car I decided to spray some oil into the gap between the hood sheetmetal and the underlying framework. The straw shot off in there and lodged in the gap, where it remains to this...
  17. Frontier Prices Used and New

    General Discussion
    Trucks in general are worth buying new, they don't depreciate as much as cars, so you aren't saving as much as you think by buying a used one. I've seen prices as high as $20k for a 10 year old full size 4x4 with 150k and bubbling paint. Newer used trucks are just as crazy, in some cases the...
  18. Nissan Rogue vs Murano: Which SUV is Right for You?

    ClubFrontier News
    I'm with you there. Between what I've heard about the CVT, and what I personally experienced owning a DCT, I'll stick with conventional automatics or classic manual transmissions for as long as I can. I'm sure the CVT and DCT will get there eventually, I just don't want to be along for that ride!
  19. What is it???

    General Discussion
    Road tool freebies are always nice. Got a decent Matco ratchet and 13mm socket last year! Working in an industrial area has a few advantages, even if most of the debris is the kind of stuff that punctures tires.
  20. 2017 V6 4.0l engine knock

    General Discussion
    The only time I ever had a dealer get stumped, they had an engineer flown in from corporate to look at it. Kind of surprised they'd just throw their hands in the air and give up like that.
1-20 of 107 Results