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  1. Should roastbeef change his avatar? :)

    Off Topic
    Present. :wtf:
  2. Should roastbeef change his avatar? :)

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    Hola, compadres.
  3. new Frontier owner from Pa

    New Member Introductions
    Welcome from NEPA (Williamsport area)! Enjoy your stay with us.
  4. FS Supercrew subwoofer box includes two KICKER CVR 8" subs

    It's for a crew cab and fits under the rear seats replacing the two storage bins.
  5. Android OBD Apps

    DIY - Do It Yourself / Tech Tips
    I use Car Gauge Pro. It works great on my 2006. I also have Torque.
  6. projector headlights

    Exterior Mods
    They look boss. :thumbsup:
  7. wtb: standard rearview mirror

    Same here. Took the standard mirror off and mounted a new one with all the goodies. Used the factory mounted metal base on the windshield, no problem. The bases should all be the same from the factory, it's more of a universal standard among the automakers rather than just Nissan.
  8. New truck kinda "drifty"

    Street Trucks
    What these guys have said is a good place to start. I will add that our steering is truck like, go figure right. There is enough play in the wheel that corrections require more input than say my wife's Acura. I'm used to it and don't even think about it. The only time I notice is when I'm...
  9. Kicking slush off mudguards?

    General Discussion
    I was kinda in a hurry this morning, off to a doctor's appointment. I didn't look at the fronts. For the record, that is a rear mud flap shown. I just went out and looked at the fronts. travhale is correct, there is no push pin fastener on the fronts. The fronts are held on by 4 truss head...
  10. Kicking slush off mudguards?

    General Discussion
    Alright, was feeling like a nice guy that wanted to be extra helpful this morning so here ya go. Mud flaps (edit: rear mud flaps) take 4 screws and one push pin fastener. See pictures below. 3 screws up the side, push pin shown to the left on it's own tab: 1 screw through perpendicular tab to...
  11. Kicking slush off mudguards?

    General Discussion
    98% street driving for me. :thumbsup:
  12. Kicking slush off mudguards?

    General Discussion
    My Frontier is a 2006 and has been through many harsh PA winters over the years. I've had enough snow/ice packed up in the front fender wells and mud flaps that steering was compromised. The snow and ice always dislodge very easily with a kick or using the ice scraper. I've never had a mudflap...
  13. Poped my First Nisssan Cherry

    New Member Introductions
    Welcome aboard. Truck looks to be in great shape for the year. Good luck with the engine swap and let us know how everything comes out. :thumbsup:
  14. Paint Question

    General Discussion
    It's deliberate OE applied that way and on all 2nd gen Frontiers. So it's perfectly normal as these guys have already stated. Nothing to be concerned about.
  15. Hardbody on EBay

    Off Topic
    I guess I became spoiled by modern luxuries, haven't we all? I like my power everything, sunroof, bada$$ stereo, etc.. More stuff to break, I know, but worth the extra effort in the event of a failure to enjoy the other 99% of the time. And my truck is 10+ years old and still holding on pretty...
  16. A-Pillar Molding Remove

    Interior Mods
    Should be, pop off the little caps and screws are underneath. Remove the screws and the pillar molding should pop right off. Thanks for searching for your answer before posting. :thumbsup:
  17. Having a topper painted at Maaco

    General Discussion
    No disrespect, I'm sure that paint job was nice. But, it's not 1978 anymore and everyone cuts corners now on just about everything to save a few bucks when doing a job on anything. The old saying "you get what you pay for" is slowly spinning down the crapper too. Welcome to big corporate...
  18. To supercharge or not to supercharge! That is my question.

    New Member Introductions
    The main downside of a SC is parasitic loss. Meaning the SC is constantly running off the engine (belt driven) whether you are boosting (using it) or not. A turbo runs off of gas exhaust and therefore takes almost no power to make more power. Turbos are proven to be much more efficient overall...
  19. Help with right sided pull while driving.

    Re-alignment for sure. If they can't get it right, go somewhere else. Money wasted, but lesson learned (don't use them again). Good luck.
  20. Little custom embroidery

    Interior Mods
    Very nice, OEM looking which I mean in a good way.
1-20 of 40 Results