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  • paulkamprath ·
    Hi, you had a post a couple years ago about bypassing the key/chip function on our trucks. Could you send me the info from that?

    Thanks, Paul
    artney13 ·
    Hey you just commented on my thread about the amber running lights, I would love to see some pics of the ones you replicated if that's possible.
    handb94 ·
    You had mentioned in a thread you bought a snorkel from china4x4 website. I looked on the website but could not find a way to buy one. How did you accomplish this? Thanks
    g00fy ·
    Hey, I tried to PM you but your box is full, anyway, I saw your posts about the China snorkels, and now I'm interested in getting one myself, but I was wondering what region of the country are you in? I'm in northwest jersey and the only thing i would be worried about is the cold causing it to crack, do you think that would be an issue? Also you wouldn't happen to have a link to a picture of it on your truck would you? Thanks.
    Jurdahl ·
    How's it going, read a lot of your posts in various threads and stumbled on this:

    replacing just the muffler is not to be underestimated. I kept all stock piping and swapped in a stainless Dynomax Ultraflo muffler. I felt a very noticeable gain and got a 1 mpg improvement as well. And got the sound I wanted. All for under $100

    How did you like that setup? I'm not looking to go too crazy or spend too much and that seems like a viable option.
    Thanks man,
    ColdDayInHell ·
    Hey man Thanks for the replies! Can you please link me to a 6000 or 4500k generic Chinese HID bixenon kit? I'm having a hard time finding one. Funny, any gun I want I usually can find under 5 minutes by quickly searching multiple sites but with these HID kits it's overwhelming. Thanks again.

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