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  • JLP0128 ·
    Hi, would it be possible to delete the following threads? I have been back and forth with the truck and selling parts or selling as is. Today I hired a marketing company to just sell the entire truck modded as is for me at top dollar however I cant delete threads only close them... I just don't want to flood the parts section with pointless threads.

    These are all in the classifieds section:

    Bakflip F1
    PRG Advanced Coilover kit w/3"AAL
    White front grill
    Drivers side tow hook
    Magnaflo Exhaust
    2" wheel spacers with black lug nuts

    I am still selling the rough country spacer and Deaver pack so don't delete those.

    Thanks for the assistance.
    jOeLobo ·
    Thanks for the info. Been busy working for the man...

    Met an oldtimer that has a 1938 truck and races a 55 Chevy. He has a buddy who may work on my truck with me. I am reading all the info and going from there. Thanks a lot! Cheers eh.

    Send me the info on your shower faucet and I will see what I can do... My work for American Standard has tapered off since I started a new contract with Telus and am not doing Home Depot refits. I still have some connections hopefully.

    I joined the PRG fansite and looked at the under armour. I need to make more money to get my truck all spanky.
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