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  • 4x4FishingFrontier ·
    Hi there,

    I was doing some searching and came across your thread on radiators and fans. I just bought a alum CSF rad for my frontier and was thinking of going the electric fan route and was having a hard time finding a wire to supply power to them, just wondering where you tapped in or if you just went off the battery. I'm trying to make it so they only come on when the ignition is on so I don't kill the battery.

    Thank you,
    t2stone ·
    Good Morning 007, Any white stuff coming down yet? I bet you're looking forward to T-Day / X-mas break!
    t2stone ·
    hey! 00 how are ya? I have to say (again) the photo's you posted in the mts were AWESOME you are very lucky/adventurous.....I envy you

    Hunter/Fisherman ·
    Pictures show that your Nissan is leading an adventurous life. Do they salt the winter roads in your state, and can you tell me how well your truck is withstanding rust ? Rust was the only thing that brought down my last two Massachusetts Nissans (1st lasted 13 years / 2nd lasted 10 years). Thanks-Hunter/Fisherman
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