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    cooking anything that doesn't move.....we are have freinds and family (15) for dinner tomorrow, should be fun. We have a crazy kitchen, all set....standard turkey, and all the trimmings, some pork BBQ, and I have a freezer full of venison. Several small kids aren't to excited about eating bambi....LOL may have to wait till the weekend.
    how 'bout you folks?
    bought mine new, when I turned 40... got a great deal on a loaded '05, in mar '06. have had 2 nissan kc's before this, and wanted more space. love it. sold my last one (96 KC) about 6 months after I bought this one. 187k miles and still going strong. 96k on this one and going strong too. looking into an aftermarket warranty for the long haul.
    t2stone ·
    Cool oh, yep I know the song....I like JB , I lke a lot of diff stuff From 80's metal to Fleetwood Mac.....big crush on Stevie Nicks (here).....How long have you had your rig?
    I really wanted a CC last year when I bought my KC but after 3mos of looking had 2 go w/t another KC
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