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  • ZackRP ·
    Looking at your second gen, I hope you don't mind me asking but what kind of front bumper is that? Did you have it custom fabricated or did you stumble upon it somewhere? Can you lead me to where I could find one haha?
    sexy6chick ·
    I'm gonna assume you mean the 2nd gen :) Magnaflow muffler and yes, dual in and single out. It sounds pretty good. I wouldn't mind if it was a bit more gutteral - had it for awhile now. It's not crazy loud or anything but I like it.
    okkomatz ·
    I was noticing the SAS and was wondering what muffler you have on the frontier? Looks to be a duel in single out? Also how does it sound?
    MudJunkie114 ·
    Hey, I was looking for wheels and I saw your truck, what kind of wheels are those? lug pattern? I see a 6 lug but is it different then the 6X114.3? and what is the offset?
    Thank you , this is about your 2nd gen btw lol
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