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  1. Another VQ40 Cold Start Noise Thread

    General Discussion
    My '10 Pro-4x is no different from when it's warmed up. Sounds completely healthy. My old '06 Tacoma was incredibly loud on a cold start until fully warm, I hated that engine.
  2. Tesla Cybertruck... What the hell? (EDIT: Starting to like it.)

    Off Topic
    Not even close if you ask me. It looked like nothing more than a big publicity stunt, I wouldn't be surprised if the glass was supposed to break all along. Of course Elon casually dropped a bunch of crazy specs and optimistic pricing. Tesla wants to make sure their truck is mentioned in every...
  3. Tesla Cybertruck... What the hell? (EDIT: Starting to like it.)

    Off Topic
    Holy, did they hire the same guy that designed the Citicar? The Rivian R1T is what I'd have.
  4. A/C is Always On?

    General Discussion
    My '10 Pro-4x has a work-around. If I change the setting to anything but AC or Defrost and turn the fan off then on again the compressor won't cycle anymore. Always thought it was odd but at least I can stop it without shutting the truck off.
  5. All I want is a winch, Bumper questions

    General Discussion
    What about the WAM winch carrier?
  6. Help! Broken CPS bolt

    General Discussion
    Good job on fixing it proper!
  7. Engine rattle

    General Discussion
    Read up on the "VIAS rattle". Likely all it is.
  8. Trade Ram 1500 for Frontier Pro4x, worth it?

    General Discussion
    A Frontier Pro-4x is a great choice if you want a smaller off-road capable truck.
  9. Wipers...

    General Discussion
    I've had decent luck with Bosch Icon and Evolution wipers. Back in September I bought Valeo First wipers for both of my vehicles off Rock Auto and they are just as good so far. At $8.00 each I can't complain. Was paying $25.00 each locally for the Bosch ones.
  10. Should I wait for new Frontier? Looking for best offroad truck

    General Discussion
    One thing to note is the 6spd is only available on the TRD Sport trim in that configuration in the US. Only Canada gets the TRD Offroad Access cab with the 6spd. Almost never see a CC 6spd here, when I do it's a CCLB SV. Still available in Canada with the Pro-4x trim, the price is really...
  11. New Pro 4X Bad Clutch

    General Discussion
    I've heard the same about the quick failure when it's worn. For what it's worth my engagement point is always near the top with the exception of the first few shifts in cold weather.
  12. 4WD Issue

    General Discussion
    Sounds like a bad crank position sensor. I've read similar stories here in the past.
  13. New Pro 4X Bad Clutch

    General Discussion
    Unfortunately there's plenty of dishonest people in the world who ruin things for the rest of us. My truck is going on a decade with 70k on it, plenty of towing, hauling & offroad fun. The clutch has given me no trouble, solid truck all around really.
  14. Squeaky body mounts

    General Discussion
    Mine were doing the same, They were WAY overtorqued. Silent since I retorqued them.
  15. New Nissan Frontier is Almost Finished

    3rd Generation Discussion
    I like the NP300 Navara and would gladly buy one but I have few complaints about the D40. Hopefully they don't screw it up, I'm not a fan of most mid size trucks available at the moment.