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  • rdrfronty ·
    I had absolutely no moisture issue. Its been quite a few years since I did the swap out so I dont remember exactly what it lloks like, but I know I just used the factory setup for the cover or boot. The moisture tends to come from a bad seal between the front and back halves of the headlight assembly. I just reused the factory adhesive and apparently it did the trick fine.
    g00fy ·
    Hey tried to PM you with some questions about your projector retrofits but it says your box is full. I was wondering if you had any moisture issues with yours, I've got the same HID's installed in my housings and had fogging problems and found that the bulb seat/seal is where all the moisture is getting in. Does yours have a special boot or anything extra? Cause mine is just the hard plastic bulb seat and there's gaps all around it.
    Frotan ·
    Thinking of pulling the trigger on some cams after reading about your Brian Crower ones.
    Which is the model number for the stage 2s?
    959frontier ·
    Hey rdr! Your the only other guy i know with an uprev tuned 2008. Do you have WOT enabled? Reason i ask is cuz Jared told me they currently dont have any tuned tables for our trucks and that theyd have to have my truck in person. Thats not possible for me as im across the ocean and theres no tuners on our island.
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