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  1. FOR SALE: my first gen heim steering set up

    Hey man, are you still on this forum at all? I'm looking to make something like this, but figured I could shortcut some of the research if you could share with me what you did? Thanks!
  2. Babe, the Blue Ox

    1st Gen Frontier Builds
    The fender flare came into Boulder Nissan today, so I went to pick it up and I installed it in the parking lot. Got the splash guard put back in as well. It's looking a lot better already, but I've still got a bit of re-shaping to do on the bed. Have a look. Additionally, I got my hands on a...
  3. Babe, the Blue Ox

    1st Gen Frontier Builds
    Thanks! Wish the dent came from a tree or rock instead of a Volks Wagen, but that's ok.
  4. Babe, the Blue Ox

    1st Gen Frontier Builds
    The Damage Thanks to you guys who were encouraging about the damage. It isn't as bad as I initially thought... (Hopefully I didn't sound too dramatic before, haha). The axle, brakes, frame, and suspension are all fine. The tire only went flat because the other drivers tire broke the valve stem...
  5. Babe, the Blue Ox

    1st Gen Frontier Builds
    Hand Tool Storage I have been figuring this system out for a long time, but I think I finally figured out my best option. I got a few ammo cases this week because I realized that they would fit behind the back seat of my truck. I have all my tools down to 2 ammo cases and 1 concrete test...
  6. Babe, the Blue Ox

    1st Gen Frontier Builds
    New Leaf Springs I got the Old Man Emu springs installed this weekend, as well as a longer rear brake line. Admittedly, this first part is lengthy... skip about the first half of this post if you just want to see everything installed. Here's my parts list: Extended Stainless Rear Brake...
  7. Doug Thorley Headers

    Did you ever sell these? I'm interested if you still have them somewhere collecting dust.
  8. toyota wheel mounting info

    1st Gen Hangout
    I know this is an old thread. Just adding this information because if anyone is researching and finds this thread, I want people to know how to do it right. This kind of operation can be dangerous if you don't do it correctly (as mentioned), and I just want people to be safe while having their...
  9. Babe, the Blue Ox

    1st Gen Frontier Builds
    Bunch of little items in this update. 1). Just a heads up... I'm probably going to keep using this Forum to post updates to my build, but I'm probably going to move a lot of my content to the Expedition Portal Forum because there is a lot of info to be shared and gathered there. Check it out...
  10. Babe, the Blue Ox

    1st Gen Frontier Builds
    Roof Rack Setup (this is going to be a long post, but the roof of my truck gets a lot of use, so there is a lot of info to share. I'll try to keep it focused). I've mentioned various rack setups several times in earlier posts, but I want to capture the progression, as I think I have a pretty...
  11. Babe, the Blue Ox

    1st Gen Frontier Builds
    Cooling System Overhaul/Continued Supercharger Troubleshooting Backstory and technical stuff: Ever since I supercharged the truck, I have had some pinging/knocking going on when the outside temperatures are hot (maybe above 90F). I did the supercharger swap during the fall last year (2018)...
  12. Babe, the Blue Ox

    1st Gen Frontier Builds
    Dual On-Board-Air Compressor Setup I have been running a single air compressor for about 18 months (since may 2017). I've been running the Viair Constant Duty Air System. It has worked perfectly for this entire time. My only concern is the tank, because it seems to be rusting a little bit on...
  13. Babe, the Blue Ox

    1st Gen Frontier Builds
    Auxiliary Fuse Block Buildup Alright, I actually finished this up a while ago. I haven't had time to sit down and enter it yet, and I haven't polished the mounting setup yet, so I'll probably just put that in the next post. I mentioned this before, but I have a bunch of LED's around the truck...
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    @Administrator, any update on this? I hate to be annoying about it, but it's an issue to not be able to update past postings in my thread. Thanks!
  15. Babe, the Blue Ox

    1st Gen Frontier Builds
    2019 Adventures/Photos (so far) Going to post some shots of places I've been so far this year. I know it's a build thread, but obviously I build it to get places and use the truck! This isn't an exclusive list, but some of the highlights for sure. January 2019 - Winter camping near Winter...