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  • nutsandboldts05 ·
    Thank you, nice 4 door frontier. I bought the bar from another member on this forum. It's a Carr light bar, you can order it on their website. You also need the gutterless roof mount brackets.
    nutsandboldts05 ·
    If it's level within a 1/4" the rake must not be too bad. You do want some rake, so that when you have weight in the back it doesn't sacrifice any steering capabilities. If you don't have weight back there then it shouldn't be too bad or bother you ever. You should like the BJ spacers, but I do recommend having the T-bars lowered a little after getting the spacers, only because the UCA's are so close to your new bump stops. You want some space in there so they aren't constantly riding on the bump stops. I think in most cases, people have anywhere from 3/4" to an inch, but I'm not 100% positive with the low pro's. I'm sure there are lots of posts about low pro bump stops though.
    t2stone ·
    Thanks Mr. NB05

    yeah,I think I will grab some of those .5 spacers .....I had a SL lift installed in June and,
    well, my garage guy's are really good at what they do as well as totally honest w/t me
    but they have never been down the t-bar re-index road before.....SO I had "made " them re-index me bars a few day's ago after I added another 3' w/t a BL so now the"Rig" is level within a 1/4 " measuring from the top o the fender wells. but my UCA's are hitting the (new) low-pro b-stops and just to make thing harder for myself I have a (shrockworks bumper coming this week or next (who knows w/t those dude's):
    atanyrate this is where I'm @ right now....I really appreciate your fast response and

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