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  • Chrisf1 ·
    I put a 5-inch calmini lift and 35-inch tires on my 2008 Frontier SE. You seem to be the most knowledgeable person on here, any ideas on how to store my full size spare without taking up the whole bed?
    Chrisf1 ·
    I have a 2008 Frontier SE that is in the process of getting a 5 inch lift and new wheels and tires. My right rear axle seal is leaking is this a job i could do in my drive way? or is it fairly complicated?
    Chrisf1 ·
    The only calmini lifts i can find are for the 2005-2006 Frontier mine is an 2008 do you know anything more about this?
    Wacky Wick ·
    Good Morning , I took off the shackles yesterday, and installed the 2 leaf dealers.... took more time taking the shackles off than installing the deavers.

    anyway gained 3/4 " from the shackles, now, brake lines..... if I was to travel over a ditch and let it go to full droop, I'd kiss them goodbye... where do I find a fix for that? From Body to axel ? or body to caliper ?

    jk50stang ·
    hey just wanted to say i put 3in body lift on 2012pro4x thanks agian I had front bumper question an u helped me. what caused your truck to burn? Do I need to trim pinch weld with 2.5 suspension lift an body lift 285/75/16? Someday I will figure out how to post pic
    x_mods ·
    Try and refresh your browser. I you are on a PC hit F5. If it doesn't work then, make sure you are saving he new sig before you close the window.
    x_mods ·
    Okay, its probably easier than you think. When you link a webpage, it will look like this: {URL=""][/URL} except that I changed the brackets so it wouldn't actually link it and you could see the structure.

    The first part: {URL=""] is the link that you will be taken to when you click on the element. Leave this as it is.

    The second part:[/url} is what you will see and be able to click on. This is what you want to change. You can make it text, an emoticon, or add in an image link like I did.

    So basically: Nomad's Build or whatever you want it to say. In my case I linked in a picture, which I can explain if you would like?
    JawnJohn ·
    Hey Nomad, do you live near Fullerton College? I've seen a truck exactly like yours everytime I drive to school.
    Nomad 13 ·
    Thanks muchly! I'll just order a roll from them. I'm sure I'll have more Q's once I get all the goodies ordered.
    I'll shoot 808 a PM and see what he thinks.
    x_mods ·
    I used the sealing glue from TRS, it is basically tar on a rope form. I have seen some people use RTV or silicone and it works, but it is a lot harder to remove if you ever need to do repairs.

    808 is a great guy! He will get you what you want for sure. But I hear his laser is in for repairs currently. Last I heard it should be back in a few weeks.
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