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  • nissanintahoe ·
    hay, so sorry i didnt get this till now but i too have had bad luck at peavine. With all this snow i need to travel to see dirt. Carson area seems to be the place to be. What is your deal? i have made some contacts at reno4x4 but they are mostly jeepers and im in a fronty. the only guys that will wheel with me are in yotas. To top it off im from Cali, i cant win with the reno crowed... Ive been pulling folks out of the snow around truckee where i live. Its good to know fellow nissan owners local. Fred
    JeniorNV ·
    Hey Fred. I'd been taking my truck out about once a month (or at least trying to) until recently. I'm buying a Jeep soon and most likely selling the truck to a friend, so I haven't wanted to take the truck out because I don't want to risk damaging it. I joined not too long ago, and I've been going on some of their trail runs, mainly just riding along with someone else. Prison Hill in Carson is a good area to wheel this time of year. I was just out there a couple weeks ago and there wasn't too much snow. Peavine can be scary this time of year...we almost rolled a truck up there last winter trying to free it from the snow. Always nice finding more people to wheel with. -Jenn
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