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  1. re-locating washer fluid tank

    1st Gen Hangout
    So, has anyone ever done this? I have now punctured 2 washer fluid reservoirs because of its current location. I'm getting tired of replacing these.
  2. Bachelor Run IV

    I spoke too soon when I said I'd probably make it. An 8 hour drive is much too far for me. I should have looked at where this was 1st. Sorry but I'm looking for a closer get together. Hope you guys have a great time.
  3. Texas

    Oh buddy if NissanNut is going I'm there! ;) Yea I'll try to make it up. The ships are in a safety stand-down during that time anyway so I shouldn't be working all of those days (hopefully any of em).
  4. Texas

    Awesome where's the meet?
  5. Texas

    So I finally got down here! Corpus is a beautiful town! Took longer than I expected due to typical Navy B.S. but I did bring the lady down with me. Looks like I'll only be here until about late March though because they're closing this base early. But if anyone wants to get together for a run or...
  6. What have you done for your Frontier today/lately?

    General Discussion
    69 pages and going strong! Nice! Had no idea people would care about this thread this much! I haven't seen my truck in 7 today I looked at pictures of her and got real emotional and such....:cry:
  7. Texas

    Haha yea thanks for the support. Alright well I'll be sure to post up again when I get down there. Be about a month or so.
  8. Texas

    Sweet! I don't visit this site too much anymore but I do remember Fishy from the photo contest! The fishing truck! I was the soccer truck that got last place...:2cool:
  9. Texas

    Well boys in about a month I'll be getting stationed in Ingleside, and I'm thinking I'll probably bring the lady (truck) with me. I'll be there for about the next year, any good 4 wheeling around those parts?
  10. pre-runner front ends

    Exterior Mods
    That was basically my statement as well, in a nut shell. I would let your work promote itself 1st before merchandise.
  11. New Frontier owner from Colorado

    New Member Introductions
    Sexy truck and even sexier back ground! Woo Colorado! Welcome to the club!
  12. pre-runner front ends

    Exterior Mods
    Do you have any pics of the work you've done on other trucks? And by apparel do you mean you've just been spending time making t-shirts? :confused:
  13. Nederland, CO area

    OffRoad / 4x4
    Geez I stop visiting for a couple months and all these Colorado people show up out of no where! Yea the Apex trails around Nederland are a blast, but if you're looking to do them and haven't yet make sure you do them soon, because I hear parts are being closed off for housing developments....
  14. Chicago?

    Oh man, go out with a 1st class? That'd be intimidating to say the least haha. I'm an E1, also an engineer though. But yea this weekend I think we're going up to six flags but the weekend after that I've got both Saturday and Sunday duty free, so maybe get together then? It'd be nice to see a...
  15. Chicago?

    Yea well most weekends I have atleast one day to blow, so let me know. Do you know what your friend's rate (job) is?