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  • chargedfrontier02 ·
    Yea it was really nice weather this past weekend. Know of any good trials that way. cant be anything to crazy as im only running 2" of lift on my 02 and a couple friends with stock 4runners might tag along.
    chargedfrontier02 ·
    scratch that just saw it in a post. IM from wilkes if you get a chance and want to come down do some weeleing we have a little group that does from time to time. Look me up on facebook. Jeffrey Ledford
    NC336 ·
    Actually, a while before my delayed entry program was up I got offered a spot at a tech school, thatcontinues onto a two year degree program. I took the offer, and I got a sweet job, and got to live in FL for a month. So now I'm in school. Will be at this Community College for 2 years then onto finish at a University. I'm still tired of school >.<
    Kenny-g ·
    Hey man! I saw that you're in the Army now. That's cool. I was reading a while back how you wanted to enlist becaues you were tired of school and you're realising now that when in the military you're never done with training lol or at least that's how the Air Force is :/
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