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Photograhpy and Hiking
...No longer just "KickinTires"..., now along for the Ride!:)

2011 CC PRO-4X, 6-Speed, Leer 700 tonneau cover, Nissan hood protector, XPEL lens kit, ShrockWorks Sliders, Plates and Diff Cover. BFG All-Terrains 265/75-16. 2.0 PRG Radflo Coilovers w/ Eibach 650# Springs, PRG Upper Control Arms, PRG Deaver 2-Leaf Spring Packs, Bilstein 5125 Series Rear Shocks. Midland 1001 LWX w/ FireStik 4' Firefly Rear axle vent mod. ScanGaugeE and a few basic cosmetic interior upgrades...

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