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  • jski701 ·
    The closest, the only auto parts store willing to help me find something, was the washer set from a first gen Fronty front shock. I think the whole shock with the washers and bushings was only 20.00$ (cheapest shock they had). I was willing to buy it, but she took the hardware bag out and gave it to me. I gave her the 20$ and said enjoy lunch today on me for all the help. Aid Auto, Auto Zone and another (i forgot their name) said if it isn't on the self help shelf we don't have it.
    Stopped at Napa last, and the lady searched the fix it your self parts shelf (they actually had a spot for it, but it was empty) then she went in the warehouse and started looking in shock boxes until she found something that matched what I was looking for. It was exactly what I needed, but I didn't have the original to compare it to, to see they weren't exact, but all you would need to do is drill the center hole a little bigger and your done.
    Good luck
    5trap ·
    Hey JSK, I did the same mistake. I tossed out the OEM washer. Where did you buy your new washers? Was it a Nissan Dealership part?

    Thanks for your help....
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