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  • brandonwinne ·
    Hey what's going on. It's been a while since I've been on the forum but I'm close to paying my truck off. And looking to spend some $$ on it. Have been eyeballing the titan swap for years now. Came across a post you made saying you had a 4x4 with the titan swap. And I looked at ur ur signature picture and that's the look I'm going for. What else are u running ? And are u happy with it. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks :)
    Blaine1201 ·
    Hey, I was looking at a post you made about your lift with the body lift and suspension spacers. My question to you is, how was the ride quality affected vs. stock? Any info would be great!
    Smoothbread ·
    hey man, i read that your 6' lift only costed about 300$ and for that price, you totally have me interested. can you show me all the parts you bought to accomplish this, and where you got the. I would appritiate this so much! thanks.
    Jordo ·
    Search on here for threads about painting rims. Mine is called "not bad for $8.02" It gives all the details you need to do the same.
    Sixth_Circle ·
    Are those the stock rims? If so, what did you coat them with? I been wanting to do mine since I can find an after market rim I really like.
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