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  • SoCalJay99 ·
    Thank you for posting that link for the "repair manuals". I was about to go and spend $27 to buy the book, but came across your profile with the link. THANK YOU!!!
    joefrontier2 ·
    I have a dual efan from a 90's maxima. I guess there a three advantages I can think of. I no longer have a fan making noise during start up. Engine bay is a bit less cluttered. Engine isn't turning the fan. However no MPG increase because of it. I don't have a switch to turn the fans on manually. Mine turns on the first fan when the engine gets too warm, second comes on when engine gets too hot. When AC is turned on then both fan come on.

    The bed extender came with the truck when I bought the truck used. You can easily find them on ebay. Only issue is that mine had to be sized down a bit so that I could use my tonneau cover. The cover release mech hits the bed extender when rotated into position.

    My sunroof was custom put in. It was in the truck when I bought it. This was the first sunroof vehicle I have driven and love it. In the summer you crack the sunroof and the windows a bit and it's quite a bit less hot than when you don't have these windows open.

    munzo ·
    Hello and good day!
    We have pretty much the exact same truck. I was sondering what the advantages are to having an e fan and a fan switch? Also, where/what model truck did yur bed extender come from? I would love to have one of those. Is your sunroof custom installed? that sure would be nice to have here in Cali. Thanks for any help you can provide!
    Tyler in SD
    chadwilliam1 ·
    It appears your truck has a bug shield. If this is correct can you provide me with a front end pic? I was tempted to buying one but I was not sure how it would look.

    Thanks Chad
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