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  • whistler3 ·
    Hi Jenn, I can’t access my whistler account to stop paid membership.
    Forgot you are getting ready for trip.
    Have a good time.
    andyo ·
    Hi JeniorNV,

    I was just looking at an old thread where you installed a couple of RotoPax to your Frontier's bed:

    Is this the same L-Bracket they sell:

    I'm thinking about setting mine up like yours, but did you ever consider pushing it up against the back wall of the bed under the rear window? I only ask because the link to the L-Bracket above, they don't mention anything about fitting a Nissan. They do have another bracket that says it fits Nissan/Toyota, so I was just hoping to get some clarification seeing as you've done this already. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    Sixspeed-SV ·
    Hi - as you know the clutch has worn out. I have been looking into a replacement. I looked at JWT, Nissan OEM, Centerline, Spec, and Phoenix friction. There were many posts regarding JWT, OEM, Spec and Centerline. I found one post regarding Phoenix friction.

    The flywheel will most likely also need to be replaced and the discussion of DMF and SMF is there. The DMF cannot be repaired and replacement price point for it is similar by vendor and availability is ready to go.

    So, I would like your input and thoughts to replace the clutch assembly with the Phoenix friction kit # 06-218.2k. it appears to be a solid and reasonably priced kit comparable to SPEC and centerline II. reference Performance Clutch Kits, Flywheels | Premium Brake Pads, Shoes, Rotors. It looks like it would suit our driving style and capabilities of the truck. We are in for at lest $2000 for the labor charge regardless of the eventual product.


    chito frontier ·
    Jen what happened? I must have hit that exclusion button late last night. Working with my smart phone all buttons are close together. Sorry about that. Please join us.
    bhowdy ·
    I'm sorry for starting the s**t storm with the guy that had the long post about a lift. Not normally my nature to be that way but I guess his attitude set me off, especially after you have done such a good job on the Lift Sticky thread.

    I will check myself before I make more work for you in the future. My humble apologies
    Blue Devil ·
    I clicked on your avatar to hopefully see a bigger picture of that crazy looking rock climb? That's very scary looking ;)
    tndragon57 ·
    My humble apologies for assuming you were a brother , instead of a sister. You have one awesome truck, young lady. I'm just getting started with mine. By the way, it is BS that you can't adjust the idle, it is nothing more than a firmware change, since our trucks are drive by wire, via a servo motor. They were just lazy.
    overture2112 ·

    Wondering if you could answer a question for me on a 2" body lift. I have the 2012 4 door with the built on/in molded bumper painted the same color as the truck being all one piece.

    I have not read anything about this in the posts, only the reference to the chrome bumpers I have seen.

    I know there is much information on this, but I am still not 100% clear as to the requirements for potential changes, verse a straight bolt on application for the body lift. Additionally, I may just consider a 1" lift to make the issue of mods while doing it slim. I have bils/adj and one inch blocks in the rear. All I want to to is get a 285/ on there.

    Additionally, I have 265/ stock BFG's. Is this not already a 30" tire? I see people talk about the trucks fitting these tires and ponder because my truck came with them stock. I may just settle on a 275/ which appeared to measure 32" when I was looking at the tire.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.


    Sixspeed-SV ·
    Hi Jen,
    The announcement to the southern California group is a Bold move. This is interesting. I am looking forward to exploring the area. I am curios to see how many members will acknowledge the effort we will make to ride some trails. This is out of my comfort zone. I have not traveled to the southern part of this state in a while. I see that my federal annual pass for the forests may come into play for this trip.

    I am sorry that I did not accept your offer to operate the short throw shifter for the truck. It seems like it will be an improvement to the standard unit. I have noticed the difficulty with the 2-3 gear change. I notice with the shift there is a rough or forceful engagement into the third gear from second. it could be more responsive. c'est la vie or cash to upgrade performance to the daily driver.

    I have a radio unit in transit from right channel radios. the install will be fun.

    best regards,


    KickinTires ·
    So tell me, now that you've got your suspension dialed in, how would you compare what your running to the PRG AAL Deavers in the rear and the low cost $600 Radflo 650lb CO? I tempted to go real cheap to start 2" spacer and AAL and go upwards from there. Did you find the spacer wasn't even worth the look? Thanks...
    udontknowjack ·
    Wassup jen, got few questions... Which kit/route would you recommend for mini lift? How much mpg did lose with your lift? And I'm heading up to your town this sunday with my family to watch Peter pan show @ eldorado.... I will throw in 2 50lbs bag cements and already installed 40+ lbs tow hitch... What psi should I drop down to going up the mountains?
    Thanks in advance...!
    Happy holiday...!
    nissanintahoe ·
    Carson just seems so far when you live in truckee. Reno4x4? I would love to get with a group like that thanx for the tip. Why are you selling the rig? and for a jeep???? Just kidding i grew up with jeeps and my brother and dad still have them but i need a pick up. This was my first nissan and love it... and to think iwent to roseville to buy a yota and came home with a fronty
    nissanintahoe ·
    Hay wuts your deal? I live in truckee and always looking for folks to wheel with. The snow has sucked lately so im itchy to get muddy. Hit peavine last weekend and almost rolled it. Is there a spot thats dry enough around us? Fred
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