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  • Kody_Watkins ·
    Thank for the info I have a question though, I'm stationed in Italy and don't trust the shop up here so I have not run a diagnostic. I have been having the problem of my gas gauge will show empty or 1/4 of a tank when I fill up, after about 40 miles it will reset itself and run normal but the check engine light has not gone off this has been going on for the past month. Does this sound similar to the problem you had? If not I’ll just bite the bullet and go and deal with Italians for a diagnostic.
    WeeHooker ·
    Hi, I'm looking at your excelent post on changing out the fuel level sensor and have a question . Which of the fittings is the one that comes out/ holds the sensor. The one on top or the one on the side with the white chalk marks around it? Gettign ready to order my parts and am capable of doing this, I just need that one detail. Thanks much for any help in advance!
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