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  • HueyDude ·
    When I added the spacers, I also added some aftermarket UCAs with bump-stops. There is still some noise from the bump stops contacting the coil bucket, but I believe it is primarily due to them being plastic. I would do the same set-up again, only I would get some better bump-stops. I'm sure that I will be replacing them in the future. The whole set up cost me about $800 to lift the front and back. Other than the bump-stops, I believe the only other thing I would have done different would be to set the Bilsteins at 1.5" rather than 1". It would have leveled it out more. Two inches would have been too much.
    Paulny61 ·
    I saw your comments on a post and noticed your truck. Nice ride! I have a 2013 SV 2wd and used Bilstein Adjustables to 1.5 inches in front and 5100's in back with a 1 inch block. I see you added a 3 inch spacer and UCA, do you get contact on the UCA? I would like to add the 4 inch spindle in the future to achieve 4 inches or more but your set up might be less expensive. Any advice or concerns I should have?

    Thank you,

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