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  1. Windows 10

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  2. Windows 10

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    You have a singular talent for issuing responses that have absolutely nothing at all to do with what you're responding to. Me: "Software title selection for Windows PCs far exceeds that for the Mac." You: "Apple has a lot of cash!!!" You're not even attempting to discuss the issue. You're...
  3. Windows 10

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    Jobs turned him into a newt. He got better.
  4. Windows 10

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    You must be terribly unlucky. I've been running countless Windows-based PCs for nearly 30 years, and have experienced the BSOD only a handful of times, and not once did it brick the machine. I know it happens, but that happens with all platforms to one degree or another...including Apples...
  5. Plasti-dipped Frontier Key Lime Green

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    It's not my truck, so there's no reason for me to hate it. Though I might or might not wonder how much alcohol was involved in the decision. ::wink::
  6. Girls like Frontiers too - lurker turned member

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    Yep. Reminds me of John Wayne in Big Jake addressing his dog as, "Dog".
  7. Windows 10

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    And yet, as I pointed out, XP has mostly been phased out already. That's not much of an argument for adopting/switching to the Mac, given all factors. I said "limited in terms of software options"...because it is, compared to Windows. Are you seriously going to claim that your software...
  8. Windows 10

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    That's true. It also has nothing at all to do with whether or not W7 goes out of extended support in under 4.5 years (it does), and whether or not businesses (and private users) will be upgrading as a result...just like they've mostly done with XP (which now accounts for only about 13% of all...
  9. Windows 10

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    Given that Windows 7 has less than 4.5 years of extended support remaining and, as you note, 8 was far from a success, you'll be seeing most business PCs being updated to 10 well befor 6 years...especially as new software is introduced for 10 that is not compatible with 7. Even if Apple...
  10. Windows 10

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    While it's true that there is a fair amount of "decent" open source software available for Linux, most of it is not really "equivalent" to their commercial counterparts. And the selection of solid tested and well-supported applications? Not even close. (And don't even try to compare upper-end...
  11. 2015 MPG Chronicles

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    Your sensitivity knob must be cranked all the way up to 11. How did you manage to interpret his post as mean, angry and/or hateful? I read it as him simply wondering how it is that people are getting such poor mileage.
  12. Windows 10

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    What were your biggest issues with getting it running correctly?
  13. Any Ham Operators out there?

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    Vikings? ::wink:: BTW...Morse Code was eliminated from the tests in 2003, much to my relief. ETA: Damn....beat by 7 minutes.
  14. Coverking Neosupreme seat covers in!

    Interior Mods
    Ah, OK...thanks. Fortunately I'm currently on a dumb desktop PC rather than my smartphone. ::grin:: Considering that place like AutoAnything are charging $249.99 / row for the "wetsuit" version, I'd say that $159.99 is a deal.