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  1. Am I Crazy?!?!?

    General Discussion
    Ah ok, I'm over in skiatook.
  2. Am I Crazy?!?!?

    General Discussion
    What part of OK?
  3. AT Question - is this normal?

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    Do you mean floor it, it down shifts and jerks some and truck twists due to torque? Thats normal in all rwd vehicles.
  4. Ever own a cursed car?

    Off Topic
    Not my personal vehicles, but our trucks at work. I work on an ambulance in a busy 911 system. Our trucks have cameras that display upside down sometimes and randomly quit working, power mirror control that moves both mirrors at same time on one truck, one group of trucks the ac in the cab...
  5. MONA: Overland Recreational Vehicle

    2nd Gen Frontier Builds
    Man that is sweet setup!
  6. Welcoming all sales questions!

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    That was an issue we had when I was working at a dealer. I was 19, and a lot porter (the person who organizes the lot, gasses up sold cars, general help around the store for sales dept) and I knew more about the pickups then most salesman. Some didnt know what auto locking diff meant, basic...
  7. Welcoming all sales questions!

    General Discussion
    I'm curious as to what vending machines your talking about? As for the story above, thats similar to mine buying my current truck. My old truck was toast and had been looking for another Silverado Z71 and found it about 80 miles away. Called and asked if it was still there, didnt need info I...
  8. First Gen. Mileage and Appearance

    1st Gen Hangout
    Almost bought a 4wd v6 version, same color. I worked at a chevy dealer after high school and they wanted like 14k for it. 20,000 miles immaculate shape.Really like that color.
  9. What are these bed inserts for?

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    The top picture, what is behind that plug?
  10. Frontier Models/Options

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    I agree its different for everyone. My wifes car is pretty comfy but we're not driving a Rogue to Colorado, not enough room and I dont trust the CVT in the mountains. My 98 Silverado Z71 was like a driving a recliner but my current 04 Silverado Z is nearly as comfy. I appreciate the replies so far.
  11. Frontier Models/Options

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    Thanks for the replies so far. How comfortable are the seats for road trips? We're probably going back to CO next year and id like to have bought a truck by then and take it. Tired of spending $1200 on a rental.
  12. 2018 Frontier SV

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    Deleted comment wrong thread
  13. Chevrolet just Pathfinder'd the Blazer

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    Saw one yesterday. Fugly for sure.
  14. Poll: Toyota Tacoma or Nissan Frontier?

    ClubFrontier News
    I wouldn't buy a GM now but my current vehicle is a 2004 Silverado xcab Z71 with 196,7xx miles and the only time it's ever broke down was a few weeks ago, water pump crapped out and leaked most coolant. It's had regular wear items like brakes and oil and filters, and the u joint started to...
  15. Engine Break-In

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    Not the same, but i bought a brand new honda atv in 2011. I ran it hard to break it in and at about 50 miles, it seemed to significantly make more power and was more fuel efficient.