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  1. backup camera oem male connect

    Audio / Video
    need to install new camera location at license plate. i just want to use the existing tailgate connect (2014 pro4x) for a new camera location. since i added a tire swing it now blocks my OEM camera. Need that OEM part number. thanks
  2. Stock Rear Leaf Springs + 2" Deaver AAL $175

    For Sale is a used Stock Nissan Frontier 2014 Rear Springs with 2"Deaver AAL $175 plus shipping or pickup in Simi Valley, Ca 93063. This wil give ou 2" Lift and +300lbs lifting capacity over OEM. Upgraded to full spring. Text 818.326.1442
  3. Go Fast Camper for Nissan Frontier!

    OffRoad / 4x4
    Fellow 4X Frontiers!, For those of us who dream of the nice Utah or Baja Experience how much better can it get if we Forntier Owners could have this Pop Up Camper! The Go Fast Camper! At 199lbs its lighter than my Carmpy Snugtop! As a Fontier Overlander I have expressed my desire and have spoken...
  4. San Fernando Valley?

    So CAl
    Barcin Im in Simi Valley just over the hill!
  5. *PICS* Coyote Flat

    OffRoad / 4x4
    It was a pleasure Joe great times! here is my rig! she is a beauty! can't wait for Overland Moab 2018!
  6. Death Valley pictures and video's March 2017

    OffRoad / 4x4
    What a great bunch of guys and gals to be with. Its always a blast! I stayed with Titus group on the second day. I know Brian minus 10 points for me...Haha! Here are the photos and off to Titus Canyon we did!
  7. Overlanding - Death Valley, CA

    Well...this looks like real Fun! To top it i will be cooking some really tasty Paella Valeciana and some great Vino to go with it over a nice wood burning campfire! Bona petite!
  8. Overlanding - Death Valley, CA

    Brian thanks for adding me in! this will be an epic trip! it looks like the ETA date will be first weekend of April correct? can't wait. regards to all! chito
  9. Overlanding - Death Valley, CA

    hey guys please let me know when your going. this is in my to do list. im in! im planning to meet joe at mohave during thanksgiving!
  10. Overlanding - Death Valley, CA

    joe, just let me know when your planning to go. because im going with you guys! dont forget me! chito
  11. *Pics* Gold Valley and Sierra Buttes - Nor Cal trail run August 2016

    OffRoad / 4x4
    Buttes Group shot Sorry took longer to post but here it is.
  12. *Pics* Gold Valley and Sierra Buttes - Nor Cal trail run August 2016

    OffRoad / 4x4
    BFG KO2 285 75 R16 with melt Mod. Front 2.0 SAW Coilovers 2" stock lift. Rear 2" deaver leaf and 1.5" block all from PRG. The Tires are fantastic great on the highway and down to 18psi at the trails.
  13. Hungry Valley SVRA and nearby trails 9/10 & 9/11

    Brian, Not too far from the Hungry Valley is a place call Liebre Mountains in California Backroads. I remember trying to get there one time but the roads where closed. this is rated green with lots of vistas to see. good camping as well. It used to be the vacation spot in the early 1900's...
  14. *Pics* Gold Valley and Sierra Buttes - Nor Cal trail run August 2016

    OffRoad / 4x4
    Joe, Nice videos! lets take the trails again! hopefully this fall! let me know where. maybe central coast halfway. Atached are your photos. Come join us Hungry Valley Sept 10-11.
  15. Hungry Valley SVRA feeler

    End of september to 1st week of october is okay. Look into alamo mountain loop page 62.