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  1. Tailgate

    2nd Gen Frontier Builds
    I’m looking for some ramps for my 2016. I’ve got a small rider mower I haul sometimes, and I’m a little worried that the tailgate might not be strong enough. What are the load limits for the tailgate and what king of supports would you suggest?
  2. New Frontier owner

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    Thanks. So far so good! It’s taking a little bit of getting used to driving something a bit bigger than my CRV that takes more room to turn and more space in a parking lot. Lots of things I want to do to it, it’s just getting the time and the money to do them all.
  3. New Frontier owner

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    I'll go with black when we get it done in a few months. Color match is almost as much as the bed liner by itself.
  4. Where are you Club Frontier members

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    Outside Wichita Kansas