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  • Cusser ·
    butterman2473 did you have this recall repair done on your 2004? If so, is 1.5 hours for the repair pretty true, or did it take longer? Thx.
    Cusser ·
    I haven't had the windows tinted in either my 1998 or 2004 Frontiers, the AC works excellently in the Arizona desert. Now my 1988 Mazda Cab Plus: I had a shop apply window film to that soon after I got it in 1994, think back then with my coupon was $85. They even took out the rear side windows to do those.
    butterman2473 · ·
    Comfort level is important considering the amount of time I am in my truck. I've logged over 60,000 miles since October 2017. Add in time spent idling and time that I have fell asleep in my truck and the total amount of time is beyond ridiculous.
    Sephicien ·
    I updated my post but I'm still new to this forum and I'm not sure how the notifications work or if you'd see that update so I thought I'd send you a message as well.

    The computer code is P0101 Mass Air Flow Sensor. This is the same code it has been every time.
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