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  1. Falken Wildpeak AT3W 265/70R16 Tire. Tire guys say it won't fit my 2016 Frontier

    Wheels, Tires, and Brakes
    You can step up to a 265/75-16 size without any modifications. This size will make your speedometer and odometer more accurate than the 265/70's as the Frontier was calibrated using this size. If you are going to go off road you really should remove the mud flaps before you rip them off and...
  2. Xterra and Frontier

    General Discussion
    The difference is in the wheel base and tail. I took the Hefty Fab works skid plates from my Frontier and 4 out of 5 bolted right to the X. I had to shorten the Transfer Case skid and reconfigure it to get it to work. The distance from the rear axle to the rear bumper is less on the X.
  3. Sixspeed-Sv - 2011. MT 4x4 CC

    2nd Gen Frontier Builds
    You have to have finished this installation by now! How about some pictures?
  4. How bad is coil bucket contact?

    If you spring for some aftermarket coil overs and control arms you can avoid these issues. It will cost more but the benefits are worth it. Better handling Better ride quality Better tire wear Increased travel Rather than spacers, save up for a better kit and do it right the 1st time. In the...
  5. Lugnuts loosening up

    General Discussion
    After 100 miles or so re torque them again. In my case, I check them before and after each off road run just to confirm.... last year after GoneMoab one guy lost a wheel on the way home. That wheel had been removed to replace an axle and most likely was not torqued or re torqued correctly...
  6. Adventures with RE5R05A

    Drivetrain Discussions
    If you did not get a service history when you bought the truck, pay for a CarFax report to get more detailed info or go to the dealer where it was serviced with your VIN and ask for the history. Since the radiator has been changed, there is a good possibility that the OEM radiator failed and...
  7. Shifting from 4H to 2WD

    General Discussion
    Sometimes you need to lift off the accelerator a couple times to get it to disengage. Totally normal.
  8. OEM clutch disc / pressure plate 4.0 SV 4X

    I would suggest that you hold onto those parts until after you have fully broken in your new setup and are happy with it.... Several members have had issues with aftermarket clutches. Good Luck!
  9. BCBrian's 2015 Xterra PRO4X

    2nd Gen Frontier Builds
    Since goneMOAB is an organized event, inspection of every vehicle takes place for several good reasons. 1. To ensure all drivers are safe and have a capable rig. 2. To keep breakdowns on the trails to a minimum. 3. To avoid delaying all 20 rigs on each trail run. 4. To minimize environmental...
  10. Wheel spacers thickness?

    Wheels, Tires, and Brakes
    If you bought them from Titan give them a call. They most likely will refund your $$$ as their customer service is 2nd to none. Sorry to hear you had this issue.
  11. Wheel spacers thickness?

    Wheels, Tires, and Brakes
    While BORA makes excellent spacers, they are a bit pricey. After a friend purchased some adapters from Titan Wheel Accessories and was pleased with their fit I decided to give them a shot. Here is a link to the 25MM spacers I am running on my Xterra -...
  12. Newbie trying not to waste money - Rims and Tires

    General Discussion
    While this is a HUGE thread, it would be a good place to start when looking for wheels. If you decide on a wheel other than OEM Nissan wheels there is a good chance that you will need to do a...
  13. Highway speed 4wd mistake.

    General Discussion
    I agree with TruckIt. If you have not serviced your vehicle recently, go ahead and chg the T Case and Front Differential fluid.... it is super easy to do. I have driven further than that at freeway speeds in 4 Hi with no ill effects.
  14. New Wheels and Tires on 2017 S

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  15. New Wheels and Tires

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