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  1. Edmonton Datsun guy

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    Welcome to the club. Gorgeous rides!
  2. Tesla Cybertruck... What the hell? (EDIT: Starting to like it.)

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    Pretty good point there. I usually pay attention to what Tesla is up to, but the model Y only caught my attention because musk said he wanted his models to spell sexy (S3XY) when the model Y was introduced, but I barely saw it in the news. This particular reveal certainly got a lot more attention.
  3. What have you done for your Frontier today/lately?

    General Discussion
    Joined the 6 digit club! Runs and drives like new. No issues.
  4. Plastic straw in oil pan!!!! PLEASE HELP!

    DIY - Do It Yourself / Tech Tips
    Congrats. Can’t even imagine the probability (as has been said above) that that could happen, one in a thousand shot a straw could fall in there. Glad you got it out!
  5. Images added from Tapatalk

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    I know that size option was there before, but tapatalk must have removed it with a recent update on iOS because I don’t get it now either. Edit: tapatalk seems really bad now :(
  6. Images added from Tapatalk

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    ^ thx Cricket.
  7. Images added from Tapatalk

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    Cricket, we have already tried this using the smallest option, as per post #24 and #25 in this thread.
  8. Hands Down Best Truck in the World !

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    ^ I love that video, surprise ending at 2:17 gets me giggling every time!
  9. Raine's 2014 4x4 "KEIRA" Build Thread

    2nd Gen Frontier Builds
    ^ good to see you're able to work on this thread again.
  10. How many miles were on your truck when you bought it?

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    151. They had to transport it (drive it) from another dealer a few hours away to get me the one I wanted. I think the guy who drive mine, drove a different car back, that someone else wanted at his dealer. Basic dealer exchange going on I guess.
  11. Images added from Tapatalk

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  12. We Are Live - Community Feedback Thread

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    ^ I'd like to think that they are not ignoring, but simply busy with all of these other sites, but I don't know because of no response.
  13. Burning oil

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    I know this isn't helpful, but I'm just curious how many miles (or hours) do you have to drive to put in 3 quarts of oil a day?
  14. I bought an ancient frontier

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  15. Hankook Dynapro AT2, Anyone?

    Wheels, Tires, and Brakes
    I’m on my way to work via the interstate in a few minutes, so I better arm the photon torpedoes for option C :). What was your choice reasoning for not getting the at2? Just curious.