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Electric Power Steering & Quest alternator

Album for photo's of the electric power steering setup & Quest alternator upgrade

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2001 Nissan D22
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Some notes for Quest alternator:
-Q alternator needs bottom mount slot drilled out for bolt.
-Few mm grinding off bottom alternator mount to line up alternator pulley with first row on crank.
-Swap stock pulley to Quest alternator
-Dual cam alt bracket slot needs minor grinding as top mount Q alt sits slightly below. Single cam alt bracket won't work.
-Smaller oil filter (WZ79) as + terminal on alt strikes it (seen in photo)
-Slightly longer belt (Dayco 13A0965) is the longest you can fit.
-Needed a flat shaped locking bolt to clear belt (seen in photo)

Now: Need to buy a socket voltage battery meter to keep an eye on the voltage while driving, regularly inspect the belt & alternator fitment.
Make a wheel well shroud for the Elec ps assembly.
Will get a bigger battery for when I relocate it.

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What electric power steering unit did you use? Link?

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