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Over this side of the Pacific the secede thing comes up from time to time to. As usual just a storm in a tea cup at best. You would think in this day and age we would all want to be working more closely, more productivley together rather than the dog eat dog every man for himself.

I think some of you guys are being a bit hard on yourselves. Sure most of the western world is going thru difficlut times but try living in Greece or Spain for a while it may change your perpecive a little.

I'm fortunate enough to travel often, just coming back from my second big trip thru the U.S and Canada for a couple of months. Not some tour but an epic road trip thru WA. BC. YK. AK. NWT. AB. MT. WY and ID. Getting out of the car and chatting to locals- you guys. And I reckon your coming back. After the last election (although close) I believe most people are working out the trickle down approach dosen't work, isn't democracy is a wonderful thing Infact the last great economic mess is demostraited proof. The big end of town do need regulation. There what started the mess. Not you, me or most western goverments.

humz, good couple of post there. The parralels between Alberta and a couple states here are astounding. The huge growth in some areas, the high AUD is stiffeling the growth in other parts of the economy.

You guys sure know how to complain about tax and fuel price for that matter but out of all the OECD countries your probably the lowest. If the US is going to get out the mess it needs more Tax and more expenditure cuts, it wont to do with one or the other. Not more tax for average person or family but for the big high end earners. For the average worker in the US real wages have not risen since 92 (I do my reseach and that is appauling)
I must say I have not seen a harder working nation you guys do work hard and good on yahs for it.

On the carbon emissions, I'll stick with IPCC report after all that's there expertese, there metarologist and climatologist. Isn't that the most logical people you would ask for a report on the planets health. Anybody else is like listening for to the guy in front bar of the pub. On a non scientific analasis I have traveled thoughout this world, seen countires like China and Russia with factories and beltching out crap like you wouldn't believe of all sorts of colours and to think "oh that wont hurt, the trees will clean that up..." yeah, right they will. Extreme weather events, here now, will be the curtain raiser for higher global temps, there here to. Crop failures lack of water... and the list goes on.

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If they want to secede I say go for it and good riddance.
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Originally Posted by Skibane View Post
Environmentalism will be used to cripple the oil industry, just as it is currently being used to cripple the coal industry.

Count on it.
The main thing crippling coal industry is abundant and cheap natural gas and fact that a natural gas power plant can be ramped up or down very rapidly to meet demand.
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Originally Posted by 2WD_NISMO View Post
If they want to secede I say go for it and good riddance.
A few federal elections ago, my son said to me "Dad you should run for the Bloq Quebecois (the separatist party in the Canadian parliament)." When I asked him why, he replied "Well they want to separate, and you want them gone, sounds like a no brainer." Out of the mouths of babes.

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Too many people in this country with their hand out. Combine that with a willing government and it's no wonder we have a money issue. Imagine if everyone collecting wellfare were working and paying in rather than taking out. I don't disagree with the idea of wellfare, but when you have families using it as a lifestyle rather than just something to get them through tough times then there's a problem.

The constitution means nothing anymore. Everything from the trampling on firearm rights that is sure to come shortly to the NDAA shows this is not your typical red white and blue any longer.

This place is going down the shitter in a hurry. Wait and see how things are 4 years from now. I predict the same financial crisis, if not a worse one. And a country willing to elect another disaster.
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What is happening in the United States is discussed in this book.
The Communist Manifesto - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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No state will ever seceed, but it clearly shows the amount of discontent and lack of the "united" states. I may not have been around in civil war times but have studied it and i dont think we as a nation have ever been more divided than we are right now since civil war times.
Unions, affirmative action and other programs have had their places in transforming a nation. But to affect change not promote an air of entitlement or lack of action on the part of the people. It is human and physical nature to follow the "path of least resistance" be it water, air, electricity, or people. Too many people will take less to do less than to do more to get more as their nature. And why would anyone do more to get less? Capitalism is based on do more get more which is why as a nation we have prospered, communism is the polar oppostite. Your needs will be provided for regardless of your efforts and why then would you ever want to work harder and do more to get the same as someone else getting the same for less effort? This is why all socialist economies eventually fail. Theyre not self sustaining, theyre ponzi schemes in the worst way. And there will always be those crying "its not fair, I have less than he does!" This starts at a very early age with kids and those of us with mutliple similar aged children know what Im refferring too

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Adam Carolla has a few points that I feel are still relevant today. Here's the link, but beware he uses colorful language.

It about 9 minutes long but worth your time.

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"A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have."
-Gerald Ford's August 12th, 1974 address to Congress.
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The fact "trickle down" doesn't work doesn't mean the newly proposed alternative will.

One of the biggest fallacies of politics is that voting against something will get you what you want.

The Republicans nominate a leveraged buyout looter to compete with a tooth fairy. What do you expect?

When the kids are pulling crap mom doesn't say "let's vote on it" she says you'd better get your stuff together before your dad comes home. Unfortunately dad's not coming home, so if we don't get our act together we're going to fail.

When Corzine walks away with $1B of sequestered client's funds and the AG can't find a crime you know we're in a world of hurt. Talk about trickle down!!! At least Reagan only confiscated assets from drug dealers (not that the precedent was a good one).

And here's a wake up call for you "middle" class folks. It's your mess you're going to have to pay for it. Taxes on the "rich" can't make up the deficit, and the rich may buy preferential treatment, but they surely didn't vote for the cronies who allow it.

Why the middle class who controls the bulk of the votes (and gets the bulk of the tax loopholes) can't seem to wrap their heads around this one is beyond me.

One reason wages have been so flat over the last few decades is based entirely on the way the middle class has been voting, shopping and working.

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Reality BITES!!

In 2008 we (well I) voted for a man that would uphold the constitution and bring change to a nation that needed help. Unfortunately, the constitution is being violated and our rights are, slowly but steadily, being taken away and the changes that were done were NOT the ones we hoped and were not the ones we still need. Many are to blame including regular citizens who have the power to check the government but won't? when the time comes i hope everyone will be ready...

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