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I've had mine go into limp mode several times BUT only when I was running a tuning chip and I had turned it up to high , Like Tweek'e said over fueling sounds like the problem, once I was able to install a new fuel filter and the engine ran without me having re-set the fuel curve 2000km later it started to play up , pulled over and re-set the curve on the side of the road 5mins later all was well again and never missed a beat since then

Try this before you buy any parts

To clear the codes from your ECM do as follows

How to Set Diagnostic Test Mode II (Self-diagnostic Results)
1. Confirm that accelerator pedal is fully released, turn ignition switch ON and wait 3 seconds.
2. Repeat the following procedure quickly five times within 5 seconds.
a. Fully depress the accelerator pedal.
b. Fully release the accelerator pedal.
3. Wait 7 seconds, fully depress the accelerator pedal and keep it for approx. 10 seconds until the MI starts
4. Fully release the accelerator pedal.
ECM has entered to Diagnostic Test Mode II (Self-diagnostic results).

How to Erase Diagnostic Test Mode II (Self-diagnostic Results)
1. Set ECM in Diagnostic Test Mode II (Self-diagnostic results).
Mode II (Self-diagnostic Results)" .
2. Fully depress the accelerator pedal and keep it for more than 10 seconds.
The emission-related diagnostic information has been erased from the backup memory in the ECM.
3. Fully release the accelerator pedal, and confirm the DTC 0000 is displayed.

or in short
Ign on count to 3
full on and off throttle 5 times within 5 sec's
count to 7 hold throttle down for 10 or so seconds
wait for the ECM light to flash let go of throttle and your in count the codes after you have written them down or fell you don’t need any codes just hold the throttle down until you see the ECM pattern change to ten fast flashes twice and then ten slow flashes and there you have one reset ECM

Cheers Martin
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